Nov 30, 2010

Goblyn issue 7b video commentary

Goblyn Issue 7b



 I primarily work on the comic from my desktop, but it recently decided to revolt against me and so CS3 is currently not working.
So I had to break out the old copy of Photoshop 6 which is why there are no textures in this issue and the webbing looks weird.
The lasso tool just behaves differently in older versions.
Oh well, I have to press on.

Nov 15, 2010

Goblyn Sketchbook One

 in this sketchbook
is a ton of never before seen dev work from
Goblyn and the entire Triple Five series before it even officially started.

original concepts, redesigns, from Goblyn issue 1-5,
and little chunks of story yet to be seen.

Nov 7, 2010

Goblyn issue 7a video commentary

Goblyn issue 7a


playing around with fever dreams. dropping a few foreshadowing moments, 
while exploring a past that has never been seen before.
cryptic hunh?
that's exactly how it should be in a mystery adventure story 
and that's exactly what we've got here.

Oct 10, 2010

Goblyn issue 6b video commentary

Goblyn issue 6b



I am not a fan of spiders.
or rather I should say... I don't like spider... faces?
all those beady little black eyes, all glossy like tiny pools of death.
so of course I had to draw them. I like spiders. I never kill them even when they're in my home. but I can't stand close ups of their faces.
I think it has to do with the fact that I can't read what a spider is thinking by looking at its eyes.
it's like staring at a blank wall that has the ability to eat you alive.

Sep 26, 2010

Goblyn issue 6a commentary

Goblyn Issue 6a



 the series is going bi-weekly starting with this issue!

each issue is broken into 2 parts a & b 
so they come out more frequently.

It's been a long month prepping Goblyn for a bi-weekly schedule, but I think that as I'm writing this
nearly everything is set up for a grand adventure.
My biggest reason for making the shift to a bi-weekly schedule is because I felt too much time was passing between issues.
I wasn't able to work on anything except Goblyn, which wouldn't be bad, except I want to do a little animation as well. It's going to take a little time getting used to trying to tell a whole story over two halves while making each part still work as an individual story.
I ultimately just want the story to work as a continuous flow, and not seem like a bunch of broken story chunks.
I sincerely hope this works.

Jul 1, 2010

Goblyn issue 4 video commentary

Goblyn Issue 4


The Worms Plight prt. 2

took longer to make, than i wanted it to.
school work and all, i had a lot to do to prep for my schools portfolio show.
(and i apologize to all who have been waiting to read it)
but i'm finally a college graduate. got my BFA in animation.
plus, the final pages were murder.

but fun.

hope you enjoy. 

Apr 23, 2010

Goblyn Issue 3 video commentary

Goblyn Issue 3

137 pages.

the first part of a story arc that will affect future events.

The Worms Plight prt. 1

less action than 1 & 2, but story is a necessary thing 

to keep the series from becoming redundant.
we'll get back to action next ish.
hope you enjoy