Oct 30, 2011

Goblyn issue 16a


i debated for a month, which order i would tell the individual parts of this story.
i'm really happy with the final outcome.
I think it has a good flow, and ends solidly for the first part.

on another note, i love rain. in real life and in my stories.
it was one of the first things i learned how to do in photoshop out side of basic colouring.
i think that was 2001 or 2002?
i like how rain can make a pic look alive. 

Oct 9, 2011

Goblyn issue 15b


Mendipats & Brottle are names born out of my obsession with Mandelbrot sets. I love fractals, and fractal art.                                                                                                         when I first discovered the Mandelbrot set I immediately gravitated towards it, and began obsessing about the hauntingly wonderful images it could create.

a slightly self contained story...
the calm before the storm.