Dec 11, 2011

Goblyn issue 17b

 as I’ve stated before, I’m not a fan of monologues and exposition... mostly during fight scenes.
it's silly.

that said, i still need a way to give information, without the characters coming off as know it alls, or something along those lines.

I constantly try to find different areas throughout the story to inject little bits of information about the events, history, and general methodology of Goblyn.
i had a bit of fun with this one, not only with the Dolklot bit, but by introducing a little bit more of the "regular" people perspective.
a continuation of the gradual addition of the idea that other people exist in this world.
and that they are being effected by the same events as the main characters, nearly a world away.
and in some cases right in front of them.

have i also mentioned how much i don't like having to create fight choreography?
it's complex, and a bit of an uphill battle to keep it inventive, compelling, and just all around entertaining.