Dec 31, 2012

Goblyn issue 35a

I can't believe this is issue 35a... I realized half way through this issue
that Goblyn is going to go on quite a bit longer than I initially expected it to.
either way, we were a good ways away from the end... but I just timelined the events
that are about to come up with the events that are supposed to take place later in the series
and I now have no clue how many issues this is supposed to run to.
the fact that the series has shifted in its storyline three times as well as its publishing frequency
probably didn't help.

I suppose if the issues were the older bi-weekly 50 panel per issues versus the 25-35 that it is now
yeah... maybe it would be more predictable.
My fear is that the series will go on so long that interest in it, by both myself and maybe even you
would drift and the series would die a fat bloated death.
I can't imagine the next few years of Goblyn... I mean I CAN... because I know what's supposed to happen
in the series. but I mean I can't imagine... people reading a story of mine that long.
this long really. it's been 3 years! ha ha
this is the largest body of work I have created yet.
I hope that interest in the series in the coming year will be as strong as it has been this past one.
I'm not certain what will happen in my life in the new year,
and if the horrible prospect of having to go back to working a non art related 9 to 5 job
will created a conflict that will ultimately kill the series.
(based on past experiences, that is very possibly what will happen, if I can't find a solution)
I will fight as much as I can to prevent that from happening, but it's not a fight that any one of us
can do on our own. I'm still looking into ways to keep the series going if it comes to that.
but I assure you I have never felt so strongly about something as this series, and fighting to continue
doing this series is something I will concentrate a grand scale of effort into.
here's to what I hope will be another year of making comics and making friends
cheers all!

Dec 24, 2012

Goblyn Digital Trade Paperbacks

Goblyn Digital Trade Paperbacks

Book One Volume 1 Issue 1-15     Book Two Volume 1 Issue 16-25

in both digital download and special edition convention pack

Dec 23, 2012

Goblyn issue 34b

I'm already jumping into working on the pages for the next issue.
I'm pretty sure it's going to have to have more pages than usual.
you'll definitely understand why by the end of the issue.
I'm super excited about what I'm gonna do in issue 35,
I just hope my art supplies will last long enough. 
I'm down to two carmine red pencils, and one F lead pencil.

I've been finding all sorts of stuff concerning the Goblyn Databook in my files and folders,
I'll be spending a lot more time in the DB, I love wikis they're a fun playground.
I just wish I had more time in the day to play around in that playground.
hee hee.

Dec 17, 2012

Goblyn issue 34a

jeez... I love moss.
lichen is okay, but a little er... gross looking sometimes.
moss is like the dust of nature
(which is a dumb thing to say I know... dust IS natural.)

i love looking at old temples with solid blankets of moss across their roofs or any part of it that may be exposed.
this tiny form of life, able to grow there unbothered for decades or centuries.
sometimes in harmony with people, sometimes long after the people are gone.
I imagine it has a million stories to tell.
hm... I'm not sure why I refer to the moss as it.
in my mind the moss is a hive like creature... a million little things coming together as a community
to form a single it.

ah well.
*runs off to look at pictures of moss on old buildings*

Dec 10, 2012

Goblyn Issue 33b

er... well, it's at 

Dec 2, 2012

Goblyn Issue 33a

hot off the... er... hard drive? idk...
there's no press for it to be hot off of.
one day that term will be completely alien to people.
or at least archaic and never used or referenced.
heck... out side of books. we might see the
retiring of that very phrase, in our lifetime.
that intrigues me a million times more than it frightens me.
I embrace digital books (obviously)
I know all print won't go the way of the dinosaur
(another phrase that maybe should be put out to pasture)
GYAAAAH i can't stop XD
maybe I'll do a post 
about why I love digital release over print release.

Nov 25, 2012

Goblyn Issue 32b

HULLY CRUD! I absolutely love this issue!
I dunno, I really feel like there's a good harmony between the info that's
given in the dialog and how the events in the story are moving it forward.
I guess I felt a little like things were standing in place for too long.
but he he now things are really starting to move, and I'm getting more and more excited.
next weeks issue is a grand character reveal.
I'm sooooo excited. X3

Nov 11, 2012

Goblyn Issue 32a

let's not talk about last week. bad week. bad.
i have a little trouble with these characters, the Witchclockers, and Jeph.
I know that I built the characters to be difficult, very stand offish and because of that
it becomes very difficult to push through a story without having some degree of head butting.
My instinct is to ignore their differences and make them all get along
so the story can race to the next plot point.

but they run the show.
the what would these charas really do kicks in,
and I have no choice but to write it truthfully.
it's going to be a bit shaky for this group to get most stuff done.
but they will.

Nov 10, 2012

Goblyn Postcards

super awesome Goblyn postcard sets are now on sale
each set includes 4 full colour 4x5 post cards
$6.00 ea. (includes shipping and handling)

Goblyn Postcard Sets

Oct 28, 2012

Goblyn Issue 31b

the soldiers life.
it's chaotic, it's surprising, it's filled with choices,
love, and strife. it's filled with victory and it's filled with loss.

they pledge their lives, for what they believe in or what they've been told to believe in.
they know their enemy, and the enemy knows them.
both sides and all sides of the conflict believe what they are fighting for is
either truth or the right thing to do.
territory, faith, society,
these are but some of the things a soldier fights for,
but mostly it's for life.

i like the stories of the soldiers, who are on the outside of what's really happening.
they're fighting these battles, thinking they are deciding the fate of the world, when behind closed doors
strange gatherings of people who look down on society are actually the ones pulling the fate strings of the world.
making the final decisions to the future of Erravannah.

Oct 21, 2012

Goblyn Issue 31a

oh wow... so the reason I've been really non vocal (more so than usual) is because there was a tragedy in the Mars family. 
yes, that's right... my laptop died.

it may sound trivial, but that laptop meant a lot to me. it meant I was no longer tethered to one place to work on my art. it meant I suddenly had enough processing power I could livestream while I made art, it meant I could make a to of fun videos anytime I wanted. t meant that I could stay in constant communications with the people that really mattered the most in all this comics journey... you
(sappy I know, but true.)

I lost A LOT of stuff, because I didn't have enough space on my 2 external hard drives for all the content. I'm realising with each new passing day what and how much of it I actually lost.
sure most of it was silly nonsense I came across while running about the Internet...
but some of it was serious business.

you'll be happy to know (hopefully) that nothing significant regarding Goblyn, Munch Chunky, or any upcoming series was lost. I did lose all of the stuff for the Goblyn wiki, but it was all the raw info that's already been uploaded or sitting in wait. since my last detrimental computer loss a few years ago when the hard drive of my desktop died, I've been backing up my comics work across 3 hard drives. and soon I'm going to store it online, but we're talking several gigs of art work. hah

I'm borrowing my... "ahem" mom's laptop at the moment to do all the things online (which is most things) but this means I have very limited time, since she is pretty attached to her computer and has a slight addiction to playing majong on it. nyahahaha
seriously tho... i'm going to have to begin doing non stop commissions and and making comic related sales in order to buy a new laptop.
i felt a little hollow that first day... I didn't know what to do really.
it's funny, it's a little like losing someone close to you, and I think it's because of how many hurdles I was able to get over simply because of that computers existence in my life.

the comics will continue so long as I still have my old clunky desktop from '05.
it's a hard worker, and like me won't let any of these set backs get in the way of telling these comic stories to you.
*charges in with sword held high*

Oct 14, 2012

Gobyn Issue 30b

hooray for converging paths! 
things are really coming together and moving towards something big. 
you know i really love how lush and full this issue looks. it has a lot to do with the BGs being so detailed. 
I'll be honest i reused a lot of assets from past issues and overlapped some of them to make new BG layouts, but it's all the same location from 18-24 so I figured why the heck not. 
I actually got this issue finished perfectly on time friday morning, cut 1 page and had time to add 3 extra. 
I finished so early, I was actually bored having nothing to really do. 
i'm so used to being at the lettering stage the morning the issue is supposed t come out... you know what? 
not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.
what a weird old phrase hunh? 
looking for the age of a horse given to you as a gift. 
it's in the teeth like the rings in a tree.

well, back to work for me. i can't wait for the next few issues. 

i hope they come out as awesome as they are in my head. 
i hope, i hope, i hope...

Oct 7, 2012

Goblyn Issue 30a

I'm not sure if it's obvious where the series might be heading in the next few issues or not.
part of me is hoping so... the other part really would like it to be a fun surprise.
this is a bridge issue... story/plot set up and information dump. 
next week... back to action
and sewing on the patches of story lines i'm hoping you had forgotten about.
why do I hope you had forgotten?... you'll see next weeeeek.

Sep 30, 2012

Sketch bookin'

It's coming down to the last day of the convention, and while I'm away from my desk 
and couldn't post a new issue this sunday 
I can post two new never before seen sketch books.

Goblyn Sketchbook Two is finally finished after two file corruptions,
as well as the completion of  Goblyn Sketchbook Three.

both have some really interesting development work, from the past years, and some ramblings here and there by me about the drawing i scribble on the papers.

I hope you enjoy them.
next sunday, back on schedule and back to J. Mephisto's life altering arc.

Goblyn Sketchbook Three

the third and final sketchbook collection for Goblyn Volume one.
there are a lot of sketches in this one that I use in the literal production of the issues 
as visual reference.
honestly there are a few things in here i didn't exactly want you to see just yet, but i figure "what the hey, it'll be more fun for you when it comes around again in an issue of the series."

Goblyn Sketchbook Two

this sketchbook should have been posted, after issue 12 of Goblyn.
sorry about the super lateness.
collects sketch work and dev conceptuals between issues 6 and 12

finally finished this one. after all the failed attempts.
less in depth than the first sketchbook, but still quite a nice bundle
of work. some I hadn't looked at in ages.

Sep 23, 2012

Goblyn Issue 29b

this issue gave me a lot of trouble. not because of any effects work, or difficult colouring tasks. although the glass in this issue took me beyond my one hour per page limit, and colouring the BG of the Aulp Bank got really annoying after a while. No... it was the layout that gave me the most trouble this issue. I woke up this morning ready to publish the issue, and I looked at the mess of an issue i had created. So I sat down and tried to figure out how I could reorder the pages to make a coherent story again. I know this is a familiar story from me, but I can honestly say this is one of the benefits to self publishing. I can change the way an entire story unfolds at the last minute.
I like this way better.
hooray for self publishing.

Sep 16, 2012

Goblyn Issue 29a


This issue posted late. I apologize.
I'm juggling making comics and getting all the items prepared for a convention coming up in a few weeks.
I'm very happy with a few specific scenes in this issue, the Data sheet, and the cover, which is 100% digital
and I think looks pretty good.
it was fun to draw, fun to colour, and made me smile when it was finished.
which is rare, for my covers.
they almost always make me frown


Sep 13, 2012

Gobyn Guild 09: PREP PREP PREP!

 This week, I talk about all the crazy events going on in my life 
as I prepare for a convention in a few weeks. oh the stress. 

my Indiegogo fundraiser -
read Goblyn at -
join the Goblyn group at -

Sep 9, 2012

Goblyn Issue 28b

the pencil is back to the paper and new issues of Goblyn are being made.
it feels good to be back in this series. I don't know how to explain it exactly.
when I'm working on it, I'm always tired, and stressed... but happy.
when I'm not working on it, 
I'm always thinking about it, going over dialog and different scenes.
anxious and lost... just all around unhappy.
oh! i guess that's sort of an explanation hunh?
weird right?

this issue is a very quick read, but it's also a pretty big event.

this part of the story featuring J. and Dol was one of my super confusing dreams, 
in that i woke from it going "wait... what?!" 
but i loved the visuals so much I had to sketch it all down
and write down what happened.
a few more issues are left before the dream is fully told
and J's role in this series begins to become very clear.

Sep 7, 2012


Sorry about all the silence.
 the comic returns September 12th

I've been back to working on Munch Chunky for a little while now
i have almost a weeks lead on each issue, which is super duper good.
I've also been working on the last tracks of the OST.
they were left in the cold so long ago, and now i have to dust them off, repair them, and make them awesome.
also... I was working on the Munch Chunky Databook. I'm loving it. it's SO MUCH FUN.

for more on my impromtu hiatus...
check out this video.

Sep 6, 2012

Goblyn Guild: 08 Crisis Averted!

In this weeks ep. I talk about returning to working on Goblyn. and a little bit about stressing myself out over timelines and plot slips.

join the Goblyn group at -

Aug 17, 2012

Databook Update: Animals

I've been redesigning the Databook here and there, and also added a new entry... Animals.
I honestly thought  there were a lot more animals that had been featured in the series so far than I had tallied up while making the animal section.

I suppose as the series goes on more and more will show up just like more characters and other things will.
I'll be sure to update when new entries are added.

Aug 12, 2012

Goblyn Issue 28a

This issue was a reminder that while my intentions were to gain a lead/buffer on issues of Goblyn by one week. the outcome was not totally a success.
as the week went on I watched my buffer disintegrate from a week, to four days, to two days, to right back where I started. I scrapped a whole chunk of monologue/casual banter between a couple of workers in exchange for just getting to the meat of the story. I sometimes get too involved in the lives of all the "regular" people in my stories. I just want to make the world seem alive, and as if it would carry on even if the main characters all died.

no seriously. one of the most interesting things i find in books, tv, or movies are the background characters.
I like watching them, seeing what they're doing and thinking to myself.
what the heck do they do for a living? what's an average day for them? did they ever imagine their day would turn out like this? what will their life be like after this moment?
i think about people like that when I'm driving down the highway on my way to somewhere like a convention i know they're not going to, wondering if they've ever been to a convention in their lives. wondering if they would like it if they went. or when I'm at the airport picking up or dropping off someone. I think about all the people on the planes and where they're all going. and the numerous lives they live beyond this single point in time we all shared together, crossing paths at the airport.
life still goes on for them, beyond this point.

I sometimes like writing those characters in my stories. but sometimes, it's just necessary to cut the extra bits and get on with the action, so the core story can move ahead. J. Mephisto has a very core story that needs to move ahead and I'm trying to get everything ironed out flat by issue 35 at the most. issue 31/32 at he least.
we'll see how that works. I think it means some events will have to be sped up just a little.
although I did warn that their would be time skips in volume 2, yes?

Aug 9, 2012

Goblyn Guild: 07 Evil Machines!

In this weeks update, I talk about my primary computer EATING my work, 
and sending me into a down spiral of depression.
and other more fun stuff.

Aug 3, 2012

Goblyn Guild: 06 Progress Interupted

I normally only post these to the Goblyn group on deviant art, but i figure maybe I should post them here as well. Just as a sort of bonus for the site. 
It's just a weekly update of all things Goblyn.

this week...
I talk about this weeks issue being delayed a week, juggling 3 series, and not wanting to ever sleep again.

Aug 1, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 4a

I can't even express how absolutely happy I am with this issue.
I almost cut the little bit of tech in the boarding part near the end.
but i thought 
"no. the only way i can get across 
how fun this bridge system is in my mind 
is to draw out tall the steps of it"
So i took the time and drew out a few of those steps.
seeing it makes me smile.
and the ending does too, even if it's a little grim.
I can't wait to show off more of the weird and wacky technology used in this world.
well... I'm off to the art supplies store to buy more pencils.
I was using a well known brand of HB pencils these last few issues, 
which means nothing for the quality of the pencils it turns out. 
because the leads would just disintegrate under pressure.
I finally couldn't take the leads snapping on me in the middle of drawing a page anymore.

Jul 30, 2012

Munch Chunky Mondays 00: A new thing starts

a new take on the Enoroo shop scene from the animated Munch Chunky

So, I'm going to start this thing here on the site, called Munch Chunky Mondays.
I'll be talking about news and updates about the different things that will be happening to me, the comic, and within the world of Munch Chunky.
I'll also be adding videos, each week. some of them I may be talking in, while others might just be speed art videos with music I composed like the one below.

beyond that... all I can say is. 
I'm working behind the scenes on the Munch Chunky Databook, 
and that should be launching next week, if all goes well.

that's all for now... see you soon and enjoy the video.

Jul 29, 2012

Goblyn Issue 27b


perspective is the enemy, straight lines are the enemy,
vast cityscapes are the enemy.

yes... there are cities. a few.
they've talked about them a couple times before, i just never showed them, because as long as it wasn't necessary i ran away from the chore.
why is it a chore? perspective. which i'm bad at.
it has to be right or your city looks weird.
i can easily get around straight lines (which is the other reason i don't like drawing cities) with just making the cities "organic" structures.
that's fun.
but still... perspective.
oh! and all the little detailing on a cityscape... guh!

i cheated in this one, because it's a vision being projected in Dolklot's mind, i didn't have to draw the whole city.
nyaaaaaaa C:

the only thing is... cities play a larger and larger role in the series the more it goes on.
hopefully by then, this long running hatred and fear of drawing cities will subside just enough that i will make some decent drawings.
this issue is one small step in that direction.
*puts one foot out timidly*
*squeals squeamishly*

Jul 24, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 3b

I think this is the first time I have put out an issue of this comic on time.
like it was 100% finished before the clock hit 12.
I think it has to do with this new schedule. 
suddenly my stress is low, and I'm blasting through pages and having a ball while doing it.
I'm thrilled about how the colours in these last few issues have been coming out.
there's very little to no fighting for attention in any one frame.
i think now that I'm coming up on four issues, and I have introduced a ton of characters I should begin a Munch Chunky Databook. I figure if i start now, I'll be able to update it as the issues come out.
we'll see.
also... new song this week for the Munch Chunky OST
Ixia beat.
it's named after the big blue creature they meet in the forest
an Ixia beast. 
it's fuzzy, and twilight foresty, and fun.
the song, not the beast.

Jul 22, 2012

Goblyn Issue 27a


paranoia and infiltration behind enemy lines is on the menu today.
i have to admit, I feel really good about this issue, at the end of the first week under the new
production schedule. less pages means less stress for me to take on. worrying about if I'll be late on an issue because I've fallen behind on colouring pages. NO MORE! hahaaaaa
this is much more manageable. and i feel like they story was still packed with well... story hehe
it's a challenge I'm fine with, having less pages to stretch out across. means i really have to get down to business. but this is a long way from where i started with issues like 3, 4, & 5 which really pushed past 100 pages and wore me down to my worst stress level.
who knows... in about 20 more issues i may have hit a stride to the point where I'll be able to add a lot more pages to the issues per week again.
we'll see.

Jul 18, 2012

Goblyn Book One dTPB

Goblyn Book One, Digital Trade Paperback

:bulletgreen: The first 15 issues of the series (parts A & B) - high quality PDF
:bulletorange: Goblyn Issue SPECIAL 5.5 - high quality PDF
:bulletblue: Goblyn Sketchbook One - high quality PDF
:bulletblack: 2 exclusive desktop wallpapers

see this video for a full video tour of the contents of this pack below

Goblyn Book One, Digital Trade Paperback Convention pack

:bulletgreen: The first 15 issues of the series (parts A & B) - high quality PDF
:bulletorange: Goblyn Issue SPECIAL 5.5 - high quality PDF
:bulletblue: Goblyn Sketchbook One - high quality PDF
:bulletblack: exclusive desktop wallpapers
:bulletblue: exclusive full color postcard
:bulletorange: exclusive full color sticker


Munch Chunky Issue 3a

the first issue of Munch Chunky on my new weekly wednesday schedule.
this one was a cool down from the momentum of the last few issues.
a lot of running in those other ones.
of course the next issue just starts the running all over again
but I can tell I'm getting more comfortable with MC and really starting to have fun with the colour pallet.
that's good, because i was really worried that things would look really bland. it's a slightly simpler looking book than Goblyn, and the colours have fewer passes and gradients as well.
i wanted to play with symbology and symbolism in this series a lot. both in shapes and in colours.
EDIT: 25 pages added 09/13 

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Jul 15, 2012

Goblyn issue 26b

A new volume, a new place, a new adventure.
suggested music for this issue

Jul 11, 2012

Munchy Update: Page count

This past weekend I went to a convention. it was a really good show and a lot of really nice people showed up and came by my table. When I got back from the convention I thought about how much I want Munch Chunky to have a regular update schedule. 
But with the other series I'm doing Goblyn, it makes it almost impossible to be consistent. 
I figured out a way to publish Munch Chunky along side Goblyn (and possibly a 3rd series) on a weekly basis. I reduce the page count. yup. starting this week I'm bringing the page count down from 55 pages to 25-30 pages. but the benefit to this is that the series will be able  to come out WEEKLY

It balances out to the same amount of content as if I was working bi-weekly, but just in smaller chunks.
In all honesty, it's to save my artistic sanity. I've been driving myself mad trying to work on multiple series at the same time, and I'm not willing to give any of them up because I love them all too much. So this is my solution. It's not a sacrifice in story,  just in the amount of content per week. but it balances out since Munch Chunky would come out more often. yay.
see you soon.

Jul 8, 2012

Goblyn Issue 26a

it's literally 3am on sunday morning as I am writing this, and finishing the last touches on Goblyn issue 26a. and in six hours i have to be at my table at a convention.
But I love this series, this is Volume 2, and so i had to make sure everything was just right, as we start up the next chapter in this adventure. a lot of stuff coming around the corner. this issue is a complete flashback issue, but trust me... it is very VERY instrumental in the future plot of the series. trust me.

Jul 5, 2012

Munch Chunky issue 2b cover (speed art)

a speed art edit of me colouring and making the cover for Issue 2b of Munch Chunky
fun! :3

The music is by Mobal Sute which is essentially just me C:
but you can check it out at
where you can listen to the full version of the second song used in this video called Exit Strategy.
it's fun kinda' 8-bit chiptunesy music.

Jul 1, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 2b

I 100% apologize for the long hiatus.
I got behind on the other series I do, Goblyn
plus it went weekly... so that wreaked havoc on my ability to complete
this issue.
But I finally did.
and I'm happy it's done.
I spent a lot of time staring at level maps from games like the Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island series
in preparation for the next issue and subsequently the rest of the series.
those were always big inspirations for the visual concept of how the world would look.
a cartoony, environment, rich with vivid colours and bold shapes.
so that's next.
until then... enjoy the newest song from the Munch Chunky OST, Exit Strategy.