Feb 29, 2012

beetle love

i love bugs and insects. 
i'm terrible at drawing them, but i still love to try.
on Eravannah, bugs and insects take the place of animals that we would recognize normally, both wild and domesticated.

most places at least around here have been invaded for the last few months by ladybugs.

i don't mind them too much, i actually like beetles a lot. i've always thought they would make good horses if they were big enough.
it really got me thinking a lot about drawing more of them in the story.
they would have appeared in Goblyn Issue 18a during the royal procession, but i hadn't found a design I really liked... so I cut the scenes showing the prince going to meet his father.
meh. no big deal.

this is the major mode of transportation for the people in South Mah' Hu. 
it just seems cool to be atop these massive beetles, loaded down with packs, and draped in fancy carpets.
just stomping around everywhere.
it might be kind of slow though... i'm not certain what the speed would be if they were sized relative to a human.

the idea's all based on things i've seen before watching documentaries on tv and online over time

like camel riders, which looks kinda' uncomfortable, but still a bit cool.
i've only ridden a horse once in my life... it's way different than a car or a motorcycle.
I can only imagine what it would be like to ride a giant beetle.

alright... more updates, more often, more development works and such, starting today.

Feb 21, 2012

Goblyn issue 19b


 an incredible guest cover by Nic Parris aka Zhinzia on dA

I can't believe how incredibly long it took to me to finish this issue.
but in the end I'm very satisfied with it. *big sigh*
i had to work on the issue from various environments while i house sat for people who were all out of town this weekend.
a lot of running around which really ate into my work flow.

i had to adapt and re-strategize, to get the maximum amount of work out of the minimum amount of time allotted to me.


read the full comic here --> http://triple5.webs.com/goblynissue19b.htm
finally finished. had to go back and edit it twice. once for spelling errors, and the second time because letters were missing from words. (does that count as a spelling error?)
so tired... but i can't rest i have to layout Goblyn Issue 20a and at the same time and work on the second issue of a different series i'm about to launch next week. 
it's a good tired. a fulfilling tired. but tired none the less.

i'm still loving this soooopa awesome guest cover by Nic Parris
he has such strong linework and colour sense. 
plus, i'm reeeeeally liking the composition of this cover.
that's something i need to get better at. composition.

well... off to make more comics.

Feb 19, 2012

the state of 19b

it's been a bit of a long and chaotic week see my dA journal post here.
I have most of the pages coloured at this point, all but 12 pages. They need to be lettered soon, and I'm actually working from my sisters home (house sitting) so I don't have access to my regular full arsinal of art weapons... but I'll make due.
I'm seriously hoping ish, 19b will be out on monday the 20th, by the after noon EST.
we'll see.
*crosses fingers*

Feb 18, 2012

New Goblyn News

So... I had to move my news section to blogger, because the internal blogging system at my host is absolutely insufferable. I tried, but couldn't upload a single news post all week even tho I really wanted to. I hate that this news site has to be off site, but what ever best helps me to keep you posted on all the Goblyn goodness that is gong on behind the scenes.

this is the impossible blog system. see that translucent bar? it won't allow me to get to the "Publish" button... AT ALL!


Feb 5, 2012

Goblyn issue 19a

 This story has been building steam pretty much since Goblyn issue 3. That’s how long I’ve been waiting to get to this chunk of story, that’s how long I’ve been sitting around with this arc in my head. And now we’re finally to it. The final arc of the first volume of Goblyn, that I call “the Unlimited arc.” Originally issues 13a through 15b were a part of the Worm’s Plight story arc (can you tell?) 
but introducing characters like Vimmer KoKo (the Witchclocker) so early just seemed too fast. So I rearranged the order of a few of the events to give the characters enough time to develop, before I lined them back up for this last arc. It is a last arc for Volume one of Goblyn, but just the beginning for Jeph and the rest.