Feb 21, 2012


read the full comic here --> http://triple5.webs.com/goblynissue19b.htm
finally finished. had to go back and edit it twice. once for spelling errors, and the second time because letters were missing from words. (does that count as a spelling error?)
so tired... but i can't rest i have to layout Goblyn Issue 20a and at the same time and work on the second issue of a different series i'm about to launch next week. 
it's a good tired. a fulfilling tired. but tired none the less.

i'm still loving this soooopa awesome guest cover by Nic Parris
he has such strong linework and colour sense. 
plus, i'm reeeeeally liking the composition of this cover.
that's something i need to get better at. composition.

well... off to make more comics.