Mar 25, 2012

things are happening...

For the last 12 months I have been trying to create a Goblyn Databook. A visual resource where you can find all sorts of details about characters, places, events, and more that exist in the Goblyn universe. Kinda' like a Wiki. I tried to transform the Goblyn dA group into it and ended up sucking the life and fun out of it.
behold! the fun vampire! mwa hahahaaaaaa. 
anyhoo. it didn't work. because I was forced to put all the information on a single piece of art to be uploaded to dA.

hm... those BOE symbols are wrong.

what i tried to turn the group page into turned out to be a tragic mess. created with the best possible intentions, but a mess all the same.

then I actually went a head and tried to create a Goblyn Wiki, but soon learned I lacked the necessary skills to create a wonderful visual wiki site. I broke those pages so many times... :C
alas the Goblyn wiki is dead in the water.

what I wanted the most was an on site wiki, so you wouldn't have to leave the website just to enjoy the databook. I tried with the current Goblyn site. I honestly did.
but just as it's horrible limitations and infuriatingly broken interface drove me here to post my news... the same can be said of the Goblyn Databook.

this one page will have so many out going links C:

I've already posted the first page. Jeph, of course with more to come. a lot more.
and that's why I'm writing this silly little post.
because I have made the decision to move once and for all to this location as the permanent Goblyn website.
what this ultimately means is, over the course of the next few weeks if not the next month
I will be migrating every inch of what was the old Goblyn site to this place. So a lot of back dated posts will be going up and possibly flood your inbox if you follow this blog.
idk how it works honestly :P

I know, i did this once before, a few months back then chickened out.
but it was because blogger and google were in a weird transitional period and everything they operated was under construction and there fore hard to use.
but I tested it out by making the Munch Chunky site a blogger page and it works.
So why not Goblyn. that way it will all be right here in one place. Heck I even have a domain name now.
yup. yup.
awesome, eh?

it links to the old site right now, but will link here soon enough.

if you follow me on dA, new issues of Goblyn will still be posted there, the same as always. it's just here I will be posting all the supplemental material as well as the bi-weekly comic. if I could do it on dA i totally would. 
for now... i think i will call this home.

*runs off to fix up the site*

Mar 22, 2012


So, I'm pretty much finished with all the incentives for the Goblyn Kickstarter fund. 
i really only have one last thing to create for it.
a very special last thing.
i won't spoil it, but here's a hint

?????? what could it be ??????

Beyond that, I just need to finish the video, and it's done and out the door.
of course, the video IS the hardest part of doing a kickstarter fund.
I'm having the hardest time summing up Goblyn in a small enough chunk that such a long format story makes sense. I mostly rely on the actual work itself to... well... speak for itself.

I'm not saying it's define less, 
just that it's hard for me not to drone on about all the
 little bits and pieces of the story without making people's eyes roll back into their heads in annoyance.
it's detailed. some might say, overly complex.
but I'm getting there.

i keep whittling it down day by day,
 so that it's more condensed while still retaining the stuff that makes it interesting and fun.
it's coming together. it's just driving me up the wall in the process.

Ami's skin tone makes it hard to colour her clothing correctly.

Mar 20, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 2a?

Munch Chunky Issue 2a isn't going to come out this week.
it will come back on April 8th.

the reason isn't that I'm going on a hiatus, 
but because I'm working on a Kickstarter campaign for the other series I work on Goblyn.

If I thought I could do both I would. but making comics is a full time job.
and like all full time jobs it doesn't really allow for much else to get done while you're doing it.

I've been trying to get everything in order to get the Goblyn KS campaign up and running, 
for a few months now. 
(it's a long and boring story) 
But now I finally have all my ducks in a row, so I have to push away from the table this week so I can actually get this thing finished and out the door. 

I'll keep updating the news blog, and posting Munch Chunky related artwork. 
I've finally started working on the development blog and about sections of this place. 
look forward to that.  it'll be fun.

Mar 18, 2012

Goblyn issue 20b


I hope this issue has only a few spelling errors in it.

i was finish this up, early in the morning, after a very late night colouring pages. anyways...hmm... well... there you have it. the er... Unlimited One. it's like that old saying by some old fart "don't judge a book by its cover" no wait... it was don't judge a book by its binding. and that old fart apparently was a character in George Elliot's 1860 novel The Mill on the floss. hunh... um... well it still holds true to this day. and especially on Erravannah. The world of Logik is fascinating and limitless. and always random in how it wants to deliver its little packages of chaos.

really?... The Mill on the floss?

Mar 15, 2012

the middle of the week...

i was going to go on some weird dissertation about what my work week is like doing Goblyn, and how wednesday is this rough mole pocked hill to get over... 
but I'm pretty sure that applies to anyone who works monday through friday.

instead I'll write about how hard it is to keep from 
over expressing yourself or over explaining your work while making a 
Kickstarter video for your campaign.

I'm making one... I've been making one since the beginning of the year.
I had a few hurdles to get over. 
i did, now comes the easy part.

or so I thought.

how do you talk about something, but don't reveal what it's about?
my fear is spoiling what it's about for people who already read, but want to contribute to the campaign.
and explaining it to people unfamiliar, who might want to become more familiar, and also want to contribute.
i don't want to sell it short, by simplifying it, but i don't want to over complicate it either.

you see this?
this is how my brain works.
one thought scatters into a million directions at once
and instead of taking one of the paths i simultaneously go down them all
and totally lose my way.

well, I'm nearly through.
with this post and the video.
i just poured out my heart in it.
not in a terribly gushy way.
but in a honest way.
one that a future version of me would be proud of
and a past version of me would be inspired by.

Mar 11, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 1b

so, introductions to all the major protagonists of the series have been made.
rivalries have been set in stone.

now that, that's out of the way... 
we can really get this avalanche of adventure 
rolling over people and causing all sorts of chaos fun.

this issue definitely went over my 50 to 55 page rule.
but I really had to get the rest of this part of the story out.
so... justifiable self rule breaking?

the set up for the entire series is always the tallest hill to get over.
everything else from that point is just letting the story flow through you.
time to flow.

live, love, & eat fruit.

Mar 10, 2012

Moebius 1938-2012

what can I say...

there will be a million articles, tributes, and artistic out pourings at maximum velocity 
for the next few days at least. 

and I understand.

Jean Giraud better known by his pen name Moebius was one of my core artistic influences, and has consistently been a source of inspiration for me time and time again.
you can see smatterings of Moebiusesque (it's a word) ideas, and concepts though out my works, and through out thousands of other artist. 
he influenced and inspired  artists and art lovers across the U.S., Europe,  & Japan just to name the major comics centers of the world.

i was honestly just rearranging my collection of Moebius books yesterday.
I can say though, 
I aspire to contribute such a wealthy body of work to the world 
and inspire for generations as he has, and surely will continue to do...
 even in his absence. 

that's the least I can say.

I'll use my art & stories and all that Moebius has inspired me to do with them,
to say the rest.

Mar 8, 2012

Munch Chunky Soundtrack...

So back when I was trying to do Munch Chunky as an animated series, all by myself. 
(a foolish endeavor if ever there was one)
I had created an actual musical score to run in the background of the episodes.
Most of them were each of the main characters themes Bojo's theme, Turtles theme, & Diddles theme, or remixed variations of those.

but then I realised i couldn't do the animated series the way I wanted in the time allotted to me.
but I still had the soundtrack, and the need to express Munch Chunky in music.
when I see this art I hear songs, and I've been building a little library of those songs for a few years now.
I'm not proud of them all, but most make me very happy, because they capture the spirit of Munch Chunky 100%

from Munch Chunky issue 2b on, with each new half issue ex. 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, and so on... I will add a new track from the Munch Chunky OST collection on my Mobal Sute Bandcamp page. 
you can listen to them and if you like them, download and collect them.

I've added an original sound track section here to listen to the OST tracks that are being uploaded to Bandcamp.

I just thought it would be fun to share a bit of the music I hear when I work on Munch Chunky.

live, love, & eat fruit.

Mar 7, 2012

Inspirations: Appleseed (the manga not the movies)

I wanted to change it up a little from silly post about how far I'm along in colouring pages for the next issue or what ever and actually post about something that is also a part of my creative process. 
my inspirations. 
i have quite a few that you may notice by looking at this influence map 

(a meme) that i put together on my dA page.

one of my biggest influences in comics creation is the Appleseed series from Shirow Masamune.
I know, you're wondering why i didn't say Shirow was the influence... and that's because this particular series had a greater impact on me than any other work he has ever created.

an Art Adams cover for the US release
I first came across Appleseed in 1991 in a random comic book store, 
and the only reason i picked it up was 
1. it had an Art Adams cover (the Eclipse comics version) 
and 2. I couldn't read the title font initially and thought it said DippSpeed. 
I thought that sounded soooo cool. 
and the interior art blew me away even if it wasn't Art Adams.
i immediately started collecting and devouring all the issues i could find 
(which wasn't many, they were a bit rare at the time)
within months my friends were complaining about how my style was changing, 
and not my art, but the way i wrote stories.

Appleseed taught me even in a visual medium like comic books, if you want to have a good book that will stand the test of time... STORY IS KING.
it showed me you can have a really great balance between action and dialog.
i suddenly wasn't afraid to use words, and it made me enjoy the art of conversation between people, even in the most intense of scenarios.
the pacing of Appleseed gained it a reputation in Japann as being an American-ish manga, because of it's very atypical (by manga standards) pacing and layout.

the maddening degree of layered political intrigue in this series 
created a need to get a better understanding of global politics in the real world, 
and how it has affected the world through history.
I took that knowledge, adapted it to my own needs, and  injected it into my stories to make the worlds seem more robust.

and then the art.
i never tried to replicate the actual people in the pages, but everything else.
the amazing architecture in many of the rural areas of the city where the story mainly takes place, had a wonderful organic feel to them. I had never seen anyone draw houses that looked like rotting mushrooms and moldy fruit before... 
but it instantly made sense to me from an spacial stand point.
use the surrounding natural shapes and carve out the land.

Appleseed taught me not to fear drawing a crowd scene, 
and to use it as an excuse to explore character designs.
Sometimes when I'm dreading a crowd scene, 
I think about how much Appleseed's crowd scenes informed me about 
the world the main characters existed in. 
suddenly everything felt real, the cities and neighborhoods were alive with activity.
and quite possibly the biggest and longest lasting influence Appleseed has had on me is rocks.
beautiful crumbling and jagged rocks.

i had never seen damaged, war torn, concrete and erosion depicted like this before, 
it all looked so organic and captivating in the level of detail. 

Appleseed is an AMAZING manga series through and through, and has set my imagination going for all these years. I highly suggest going out and buying a copy of all four collected volumes. 
but if you can't afford to buy them right now and still want to read them as soon as possible go over to the Appleseed section of and read them.
i guarantee it will be well worth it if you do.

that's enough gushing for today.

Mar 6, 2012

Munch Chunky Issue 1a


So I’m finally going to tell this story. 
Not in the way I had wanted to a few months back 
(which was animated) 
but the way I had originally conceived the project in 2001, as a comic book.

I learned a lot about storytelling and pacing when I decided to make Munch Chunky into an animated series. 
I could get away with things that would fall apart in a comic book scenario. 
Because of that, I had to change the beginning of the story 
and the way it plays out for the comic.

Another of my problems was my limitations in animating. 
I only know how to animate so many things, and I often hit walls 
I couldn't get around. 
In comic book form I hit a lot less walls with the images being fixed. 
It’s hard to explain, but what it came down to in the end wasn’t the expense of animation, 
but the time. 
I’m able to commit the same amount of time to the comic form as the animated form, 
but i yield more story from it, 
for my effort.

and ultimately I just really want to tell my stories, 
and I can’t let the process of building the body of that work be 
the part that breaks down the ability for the story to be told 
consistently and fluidly.

Trongo Bongo

Trongo Bots.

I've been drawing these goofy looking mech suits for so many years.
I'm a big mech, super giant robot enthusiast. seriously.
I spent a huuuuuge chunk of my childhood reading watching stuff like Voltron, Tranzor Z
(or Mazinger Z if you want to be a purist about it) and yes... of course, Gundam.

 but of all the mechs and robots out there i say that i was most influenced by Shirow Masamune's Appleseed manga series when i was a kid, which was filled with all these wonderful personal sized mechs he called landmates.

Shirow would used these really great organic shapes that often reminded me of insects, and that just pulled me in further into his magic. seeing smaller, one man, personal mechs was a revolution to my mind, and I immediately was drawing personal mechs in everything I created.

with Munch Chunky i wanted to continue with that tradition, but since MC is a lighter more fun story i didn't want the designs of the mechs to be too overwhelming.
Since the series is about things like food and adventure, i wanted them to be very organic and bouncy in shape.

for me, they had to have a look of functionality without being to visually complex. I wanted them to look like they could run around, while still looking funny, but not absolutely cumbersome.
Silly, but still kind of cool. like the G generation SD Gundam model series.

they're also made this way so that i can customize each one for a new rival team at the drop of a dime and without the design really slowing me down.
they all have the same basic shape underneath, and then i start slappin' on all the extra bits that make them fun and flashy, as I go.

i did decide a while back that some teams would customise their mechs to the extent that they would have very specific advanced functions only used by that team.
it's all regulation of course.
ha ha

live love & eat fruit.

Mar 4, 2012

Goblyn issue 20a


 This issue feels a little weird to me and I’m not sure what it is.

Maybe the transitions from sequence to sequence were too abrupt or maybe it’s all in my self-critical eye.
I will say this. I again, shifted the story around so less of the monster kings sons are showing up in this arc. I think this will save the story a lot of unnecessary tangents at this point.
The side story involving them can work later on the story just as well as it would have in this arc.
maybe I’m just too lazy an artist to add that many more “important” characters to the story and have to keep up with them in each scene… bleh. XD

Tchaikovsky & Hatventures

what do Tchakovsky and Hatventures have to do with one another?

absolutely nothing!
 except they both got me happily through the week while knocking out Goblyn issue 20a.
i woke up in the morning at about 7:00/7:30 a.m. 
and do the roughs and clean ups on the pages, and I was blasting a bunch of different Tchakovsky classics while i worked. 
instrumentals help me keep my concentration while I work.

other wise i would just bounce around wanting to draw or write down everything that popped in my head.
tangents are the enemy to artistic progress.

SO TIRED... but it's a good tired.
of course, by 1pm I've finished all the clean ups and scanned in all the pages, so the next step is cranking up the old Photoshop and colouring til my little hearts content.

but i can't stand the bloody silence, so I always have some music or movies or a series playing in the BG so i don't die of monotonous behavior.

this week, my saviors were Hatfilms... or Haatfilms
(which ever you are more familiar with, tho they seem to now prefer "Hat")

they really kept me laughing and in a good mood all week with their nutty Minecraft escapades.
they really do a lot of screaming.
but they also do a lot of dying while playing Minecraft.
they also project a nice touch of audio and visual effects work in each series.
i really like that, and highly endorse watching their Hatventures series, if you like Minecraft and comedy, or even if you are neutral to Minecraft but like strange and fun adventures.

( don't believe me about how awesomely entertaining these guys are?)

another week come and gone...
another issue finished.

Mar 1, 2012

cute animals...BIG, BAD, ROBOTS

just sharing a couple of designs for some of the secondary background charas in issue 1b of Munch Chunky.
(they're fairly loose sketches, but still comprehensible i think)

the tryout sequence is full of lots of random animals driving around in big hulking robot suits.
i did think for a while to have everyone's suits reeeeeally customized and unique, but it quickly became a headache. 

i still slip into fantasies about how much fun it would be to have a bunch of cool designs and weird shapes for all the different suit. but then i snap out of it with the reality of how frustrating it would be to keep up with all those varying shapes. so i standardized the base shape of the Trong Bot suits. 
and from there, they can be customized by the individual as they see fit. 

So i still get a good bit of variation, while still being able to not lose myself in the details.

i'll show some of those different yet similar Trong bot designs next post.
till then.
live love & eat fruit.

insanity on the dance floor

ignore that title... all except the insanity part.
i had to get a screen grab of one of my favorite images from this coming weeks Goblyn issue 20a
it's of Archer (Master of Books) on his knees in the middle of the ceremony hall, kackling like a mad fool.
but this image resonated with me so much, it was familiar some how.
i had to comb through my brain all day and into the next morning before i arrived at a possible answer.

it's a scene from the 1984 David Lynch adaptation of Frank Herberts Dune.
i know a lot of people don't like this adaptation, because it's just not very faithful.
but i tend to disconnect and just treat it as a random scifi film. and so i actually like it. and watch it quite a bit.
i love politics... IN SPAAAAAAACE! 
anyhoo... the scene is pretty close to the end and it depicts Paul Atreides' little sister Alia Atreides standing in a sand storm over a pile of bodies with a bone dagger in her hand (at least i think it was a bone dagger).

i could be wrong about from where i tapped into myself to create that particular scene, but this is the image that kept coming to me over and over when i thought about dramatic snapshots of insanity at play. ha ha.
it's a very creepy and powerful image, and clearly one that stuck with me for a good long time.
Archer to me is maybe not as creepy, but true to form bat crap crazy... so any chance i can get to let his colours show... i will. C:

beyond that here's a glimpse at one of the princes of South Mah' Hu, and current ruler over Centrus house.

maybe not one of his better moments in the story. i love expressive faces. and these particular monsterkind
known as Caemoray have very difficult facial designs to pull much expression out of. but i'm always up for the challenge.