Mar 4, 2012

Tchaikovsky & Hatventures

what do Tchakovsky and Hatventures have to do with one another?

absolutely nothing!
 except they both got me happily through the week while knocking out Goblyn issue 20a.
i woke up in the morning at about 7:00/7:30 a.m. 
and do the roughs and clean ups on the pages, and I was blasting a bunch of different Tchakovsky classics while i worked. 
instrumentals help me keep my concentration while I work.

other wise i would just bounce around wanting to draw or write down everything that popped in my head.
tangents are the enemy to artistic progress.

SO TIRED... but it's a good tired.
of course, by 1pm I've finished all the clean ups and scanned in all the pages, so the next step is cranking up the old Photoshop and colouring til my little hearts content.

but i can't stand the bloody silence, so I always have some music or movies or a series playing in the BG so i don't die of monotonous behavior.

this week, my saviors were Hatfilms... or Haatfilms
(which ever you are more familiar with, tho they seem to now prefer "Hat")

they really kept me laughing and in a good mood all week with their nutty Minecraft escapades.
they really do a lot of screaming.
but they also do a lot of dying while playing Minecraft.
they also project a nice touch of audio and visual effects work in each series.
i really like that, and highly endorse watching their Hatventures series, if you like Minecraft and comedy, or even if you are neutral to Minecraft but like strange and fun adventures.

( don't believe me about how awesomely entertaining these guys are?)

another week come and gone...
another issue finished.