May 27, 2012

Goblyn Issue 23b

so very short.
the last issue went long,
and i'm really trying to balance out the total number of pages per combined half issues.
(50- 55 each half to make a total 100 - 110)

this issue was honestly, me lining up the last pieces for this final punch in the stories arc.
now everything can fall apart according to plan

i'll definitely return to doing the databook sections at the end with issue 24a.
i really hadn't been in the mood to do those lately.
sorry. C:

24a and 24b are going to be pretty chaotic...
but fun.
i'm looking forward to drawing those.
i just needed to get through this issue.
Pinion is sometimes so hard to write for.
he's so cold and distant.
I have little idea how to write an unemotional character.
i mean... his dialog choices have to be
as if he's calculating everything around him.
but writing like that always reads like poor writing, or old 40's 50's comic writing.
just weird.

May 20, 2012

Goblyn Issue 23a

it feels a little weird having issues come out back to back like this.
I had to completely rearrange the pages in this issue, so that the events played out a little more fluid. these events played out a little bit longer than I had anticipated and broke my personal 55 page cap rule.  but this is why I don't set a specific time for the issues to come out and only set a date.
this issue somehow feels like an intermediate to me. unlike many of the issues before, it feels less like a stand-alone story that can be attached to a larger tale, but instead really feels like part of a larger issue.
so weird.

time as I experience it is telling me that it only makes sense to go weekly. the experience of making a weekly comic makes me very much aware of how much time is passing and how quickly. in all honesty, the weeks used to speed by when I did Goblyn bi -weekly. I actually lost track of time and what day it was on many occasions. time has slowed for me somewhat, but I don't mind since there is little going on in my life at the moment beyond making stories. and it's actually quite enough, considering the events of my life in the last 15 years or so.

time and its passage used to worry me. I would worry, I didn't have enough time to finish telling my stories to the end, or that not enough people would be exposed to it, and I would vanish into that dark place that exists in the back of all artists’ minds.
but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. it almost doesn't bother me at all. I feel like I control that passage of time... that part of my fear. when I make these comics, it's me acknowledging that we are all moving forward, including the characters in the stories. but we can all enjoy every minute, every second, and I do. that enjoyment is in direct opposition to the way I used to feel five, ten, and fifteen years ago. my fear, my panic, my personal concept of time was the driving force behind how hard I worked at making comics. but not anymore. now it is simply the enjoyment of watching the creation of this thing that brings me a ton of happiness, and ignoring the passing seconds, minutes, and hours. they just lose all meaning while I work on these comics.

May 13, 2012

Goblyn Issue 22b


things are happening in the world of Goblyn, and also IRL...
I know I say this a lot, but I really did enjoy working on this issue.
you want proof? you'll get your proof at the end of this issue.
yep. you read that right.

I'll make a video blog post in a day or two talking about this and other decisions involving Goblyn.

May 9, 2012

Animal Encyclopedia

While I was finishing colouring pages of Munch Chunky in between colouring pages of Goblyn, I was digging through my old boxes, and rediscovered my old Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia.
it was a very awesome book that my mom got me and my sister when we were little kids.
some how I still have it after all these years.

it's great! 
it's over 600 pages and has really good illustrations of all the animals, and their family groups, geographical locations, distinguishing traits... all sorts of stuff. it's built like a wiki, which makes sense, considering it's an encyclopedia. haha
seriously tho... I've been going through it page by page every night before i go to sleep, reading about a new set of animals, and finding some of the most amazing and weirdest looking creatures.

it has inspired me to just pic random animals from it, and from reader suggestions that I'm going to draw, in the style of a citizen of the world of Munch Chunky.
just thought it would be fun.
some of these animals are really going to let me stretch my creative muscles.

first one... a shrew

I seriously suggest yo grab a copy if you're into drawing animals, or just like them and want to know some cool facts about them. since this book is now out of print, copies can be grabbed at amazon.
used copies are SUPER cheap...
and i think it's worth it.

May 5, 2012

insert terrible 2b/Hamlet pun here...

aka.. 2b or not 2b.

guh! so bad...

I'm going to be very late with Munch Chunky issue 2b.
it was  a very rough week. and I didn't get a lot of page work done.
I'm going to set the next issue status to TBA, until i get the issue finished, but I'll keep updating the blog and site with content. i promise. C:

what 20 or so pages i did get done i'm going to show you as a sort of preview.
it's sort of spoiler ish, but not really. 
click on it to zoom in and check it out.
the dialog isn't on the pages yet tho.

live, love, and eat fruit.