Jul 11, 2012

Munchy Update: Page count

This past weekend I went to a convention. it was a really good show and a lot of really nice people showed up and came by my table. When I got back from the convention I thought about how much I want Munch Chunky to have a regular update schedule. 
But with the other series I'm doing Goblyn, it makes it almost impossible to be consistent. 
I figured out a way to publish Munch Chunky along side Goblyn (and possibly a 3rd series) on a weekly basis. I reduce the page count. yup. starting this week I'm bringing the page count down from 55 pages to 25-30 pages. but the benefit to this is that the series will be able  to come out WEEKLY

It balances out to the same amount of content as if I was working bi-weekly, but just in smaller chunks.
In all honesty, it's to save my artistic sanity. I've been driving myself mad trying to work on multiple series at the same time, and I'm not willing to give any of them up because I love them all too much. So this is my solution. It's not a sacrifice in story,  just in the amount of content per week. but it balances out since Munch Chunky would come out more often. yay.
see you soon.