Dec 31, 2012

Goblyn issue 35a

I can't believe this is issue 35a... I realized half way through this issue
that Goblyn is going to go on quite a bit longer than I initially expected it to.
either way, we were a good ways away from the end... but I just timelined the events
that are about to come up with the events that are supposed to take place later in the series
and I now have no clue how many issues this is supposed to run to.
the fact that the series has shifted in its storyline three times as well as its publishing frequency
probably didn't help.

I suppose if the issues were the older bi-weekly 50 panel per issues versus the 25-35 that it is now
yeah... maybe it would be more predictable.
My fear is that the series will go on so long that interest in it, by both myself and maybe even you
would drift and the series would die a fat bloated death.
I can't imagine the next few years of Goblyn... I mean I CAN... because I know what's supposed to happen
in the series. but I mean I can't imagine... people reading a story of mine that long.
this long really. it's been 3 years! ha ha
this is the largest body of work I have created yet.
I hope that interest in the series in the coming year will be as strong as it has been this past one.
I'm not certain what will happen in my life in the new year,
and if the horrible prospect of having to go back to working a non art related 9 to 5 job
will created a conflict that will ultimately kill the series.
(based on past experiences, that is very possibly what will happen, if I can't find a solution)
I will fight as much as I can to prevent that from happening, but it's not a fight that any one of us
can do on our own. I'm still looking into ways to keep the series going if it comes to that.
but I assure you I have never felt so strongly about something as this series, and fighting to continue
doing this series is something I will concentrate a grand scale of effort into.
here's to what I hope will be another year of making comics and making friends
cheers all!

Dec 24, 2012

Goblyn Digital Trade Paperbacks

Goblyn Digital Trade Paperbacks

Book One Volume 1 Issue 1-15     Book Two Volume 1 Issue 16-25

in both digital download and special edition convention pack

Dec 23, 2012

Goblyn issue 34b

I'm already jumping into working on the pages for the next issue.
I'm pretty sure it's going to have to have more pages than usual.
you'll definitely understand why by the end of the issue.
I'm super excited about what I'm gonna do in issue 35,
I just hope my art supplies will last long enough. 
I'm down to two carmine red pencils, and one F lead pencil.

I've been finding all sorts of stuff concerning the Goblyn Databook in my files and folders,
I'll be spending a lot more time in the DB, I love wikis they're a fun playground.
I just wish I had more time in the day to play around in that playground.
hee hee.

Dec 17, 2012

Goblyn issue 34a

jeez... I love moss.
lichen is okay, but a little er... gross looking sometimes.
moss is like the dust of nature
(which is a dumb thing to say I know... dust IS natural.)

i love looking at old temples with solid blankets of moss across their roofs or any part of it that may be exposed.
this tiny form of life, able to grow there unbothered for decades or centuries.
sometimes in harmony with people, sometimes long after the people are gone.
I imagine it has a million stories to tell.
hm... I'm not sure why I refer to the moss as it.
in my mind the moss is a hive like creature... a million little things coming together as a community
to form a single it.

ah well.
*runs off to look at pictures of moss on old buildings*

Dec 10, 2012

Goblyn Issue 33b

er... well, it's at 

Dec 2, 2012

Goblyn Issue 33a

hot off the... er... hard drive? idk...
there's no press for it to be hot off of.
one day that term will be completely alien to people.
or at least archaic and never used or referenced.
heck... out side of books. we might see the
retiring of that very phrase, in our lifetime.
that intrigues me a million times more than it frightens me.
I embrace digital books (obviously)
I know all print won't go the way of the dinosaur
(another phrase that maybe should be put out to pasture)
GYAAAAH i can't stop XD
maybe I'll do a post 
about why I love digital release over print release.