Nov 26, 2013

Munch Chunky Chapter 4a

read the full comic here --> Munch Chunky Chapter 4A
with an added 25 pages + MORE!

i felt it would make more sense to have a bit of the scavenger hunt like game of Trongo ball be explained just a little.
it only makes sense that they would have prelims. right?
this is a fate of the social world kind of game, you don't just let anyone play when ever they want right?... right.
part of me wishes we could just play a global sport that is like a soccer/baseball combination instead of going to war all the time.
we need our own Pax Trata.

Nov 22, 2013

Smars Upgraded!

So I got a super wonderful surprise at my front door today...
I'm laying there after a nights craziness at work slowly dozing off while bobs burgers plays on my laptop in the distance and the NOK NOK NOK really loud, i get up and deliriously stumble down the hall to the door and open it and there's the UPS guy standing there with a large box at his feet.
my eyes must have lit up like planet sized orbs because he smiled and chuckled at me.

it had arrived... a full five days ahead of when they said it would. my new Yiynova MSP19U tablet monitor!

this has been a long time coming down the pipe. me wanting to move to a paperless system of making art.
I was burning through pencils (both Carmine red and F lead) and paper so fast in the last few months it made me want to break down and cry.
i was going through about one and a half pencils per comic and I do three series a month basically so you can imagine how much it was all costing me.

i had to install the drivers on my laptop twice to correct a weird problem i was getting initially, where a small 2 X 2 grid of the screen would invert the controls of the pen when i would pass over it. it was odd and mad me really scared i had bought some sort of damaged goods and wouldn't be able to return it or something in the realm of irrational fears. ha ha.

after the second install everything was working just fine and i broke in the tablet by coloring the latest issue of Goblyn. For now it's only colouring i'm doing, i'm still doing pages by hand with real paper, but I'm slowly moving in the direction of total paperlessness.

I just have to get used to working on a surface with no tactile feedback. it's such a slick surface that my brain just gets confused by what we're doing. my hand goes too fast because i can't tell from the feel and i end up leaving the computer behind to catch up to what i'm doing.

i'm exaggerating.
it's not 1 to 1 exactly perfect but it's better than using a blind tablet like i have for all these years. I felt a lot more confident while coloring and shading than i usually do, i was engaged and not just on auto pilot while work. it gets a little warm right in the spot along the bottom where my wrist rests a lot but it's not like i'm touching a hot burner or the sun, it's just warm. sometimes heating up while I use certain functions or tools in photoshop.
it's not a deal breaker.

at the end of my first day using my new tablet monitor, i feel good. I like it a lot.
i'm excited to see what all i can do with this thing once i get good and comfortable with it.

Nov 12, 2013

Myth of Eustro Chapter Two

Chapter 2: Harbingers of Terror

mew mew mew
hrm... maybe that should be, squee hee hee!
a lot of late nights making this chapter.
it really kept me company, kept me awake kept me happy.

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Oct 25, 2013

Munch Chunky issue 3b!

you can read the full comic here -->   Munch Chunky Issue 3b
with an added 25 pages + MORE!


i thought it would be a little more interesting to show the Ixia stomping around a little more before it got captured.
in the original idea the characters were chased through the forest along side the head hunter guys,
but i just didn't want to do that story anymore.
you can only do so many chase gags in life and i don't want to use up to many of them so soon.
i have a lot of comics i want to make over my lifetime.

Oct 18, 2013

munch chunky 3b preview

little screen cap preview of the bonus pages i'm arting up for chapter 3b of Munch Chunky.
oh Turtle... you wonderfully clumsy lad.

really enjoyed making these during my weird late nights at work.
i might be going slowly crazy, but i think you'll enjoy the result.

due out on October20th!

Oct 13, 2013

Goblyn issue 43

so bloody tired.
this is a double sized issue...
with another awesome guest cover by the fantastical Kuramatai
hope you enjoy.
anyone interested in becoming a sponsor for this or any other Smars comic,
can so totally check out the information on the sponsors page
or contact me at

show a little love by supporting independent comics.
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Oct 3, 2013

Goblyn Issue 43 previews

i'm still working on the latest issue of Goblyn.
issue 43.
i'm pretty sure it's just going to be a full on 100 page story.
i'll probably talk more about my reasoning why
in the artists comments inside the end of the issue.

i'm kind of enjoying really shaking up the events of this issue.
just letting the shit hit the fan really.
and watching this clock slowly wind down.

Sep 29, 2013

Life is Show Time! The End of Kamen Rider Wizard

well, another season/series of Kamen Rider has come to an end with the season finale of Kamen Rider Wizard.
this was the series that got me back into KR and really made me gain a whole lot of perspective on what the heck i've been trying to do for the last... i dunno 15 years that I've been self publishing comics (yes it's been that long)

it was a fun series, only slightly predictable in some places while in others, completely indulging my need for a good plot or character twist. I would say that this is the ultimate use of After Effects in a KR series so far, the use really punched up the ideas they were trying to convey and I hope they go forward with what ever team of effects animators they're using, for each series after this. I think the way this series looked in effects is how they've wanted the show to look since the very beginning, but the effect technology wasn't anywhere near where it is now.
it's definitely a series with rewatchability in my opinion, and there aren't many KR series i think deserve or even need a second season spin off à la, Kamen Rider Black/Black RX but this is one pocket of the KR universe, is one that I would like to see more of. I'm going to created a video where I talk about all the things in this series that really caught my attention and interested me. it should be fun. so look for that in the next few days.

well... on to KR Gaim.
It looks like it's going to be a super weird one. but I'm up for anything, so long as it's good.

Shō Kiryūin's derp face

Sep 22, 2013

Myth of Eustro Chapter One

Chapter 1: Harbinger of Ambition 
I finally got this thing finished. It's been looooong time working on all the parts of this project. not just the comic, but the RP community project pert of it too.
I've been trying to get this series launched since February 2013 and it's finally finished and making me very very happy with the end results.
I wanted a comic that excited me when I was writing it, drawing it and then challenged me all a long the way, to think of creative fun ways to tell a story and entertain the crap out of people.
hopefully it wont seem too cluttered, our overstuffed with information. this is supposed to be both a comic and a visual encyclopedia/template to how the RP world of Eustro works.

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Sep 21, 2013

Myth of Eustro Chapter 1 preview

I don't know what to say honestly. I've been trying to get this series launched since February 2013 and it's finally finished and making me very very happy with the end results. that's the main reason I haven't really been talking it up or getting any work on it done. it just wasn't making me happy. some of the ideas excited me, but they were just loose ideas floating around in a weird foggy soup. oh my brain.

the main task I was aiming for outside of just telling a good story, was making a digital comic work in a way I hadn't personally done before or even seen by anyone else. I wanted to make a digital comic that engages the reader in a fun way, has a good solid story and visually pleasing characters. But i needed a challenge too, a creative challenge or the project just wouldn't feel fulfilling at all.

I wanted a comic that excited me when I was writing it, drawing it and then challenged me all a long the way to think of creative fun ways to tell a story and entertain the crap out of people. I'm about 99.999% sure that THIS is that story I was looking for all these past months. I can't tell you how many times I got up out of my seat and danced a little happy dance at how much fun I was having while working on this project. I don't want to say too much more about this comic, I just wanted to shout to the world in excitement over the fact that I'm done and that this comic will FINALLY be out on Sunday September 22.

Sep 13, 2013


I've been trying to get through the last pages of the 1st chapter of Myth of Eustro, and I felt like I needed to rework one of the characters colour palette. Cid.

I always planned for her to take off her cap from time to time, but I wanted to change her cape. I needed it to be less bulky and heavy looking and instead make it shorter and lighter looking in material so she would look faster and more like she could be out there on the plains of planet Ephon fighting monsters everyday. I mean... doesn't that cloak look really heavy? yah, it does,
She used to wear a striped scarf a long time ago... of course that's also when she was a male character, not a female character

Original Cid design. not a woman, elf, or cat.

but I hadn't been really happy with her colours this whole time. they were based on an older palette, a place I wasn't in any more mentally. (using dark colours) 
So I gave Cid back her scarf and started playing around within new colour schemes for her cloak. 
I figure either her clothing underneath will stay the same or I will just change it accordingly.
but since the cloak is what will be seen of her wearing mostly, I figure it should be my first priority.

after showing him the first set of colour choices I had come up with my friend LD asked why I was avoiding the colours purple, red, or white. I told him I was saving purple to be a colour mostly associated with royalty or nobility in this world. but I was avoiding red because I didn't want people to think about the character from Journey in any way.
but white was a thing I wouldn't have thought of because I was thinking realistically about her profession. running around in the wild grasslands fighting monsters and getting into all sorts of assorted mischief. hee hee
but I must admit... I kind of like the white outfit.
it not only contrasts the boldly coloured Romona, but it also makes her own character pop not just visually, but also as a direct contradiction to her character. I very personal, soft spoken woman, who tries not to garner too much attention. I would think walking into town in a white cloak would turn heads.

later LD came at me with a third colour set option, which was more matching to her hair and appropriate to her attitude.

as I'm typing this post I still haven't decided on which version I want to use, but in true D&D/RPG fashion I'm going to leave the choice up to the roll of the dice. it's as simple as that.

Sep 11, 2013

Munch Chunky Issue Three A

Munch Chunky Issue 3a

read the full comic Munch Chunky issue 3a
with an added 25 pages + MORE!

not sure if this cover is revealing a little too much or not...
but i wanted a slightly dramatic, stand offish cover.
mission accomplished?

Sep 6, 2013

Inspirations: Maple Town

Munch Chunky was inspired and influenced by a few different things, most of which stem from my early childhood. A lot of what inspired and influenced me was animation and this one in particular had a very lasting affect on me. The animated series Maple Town is one of those shows, quite possibly more influential than even Battle Beasts. I'm serious, in the late 80's this show an anime series imported to nickelodeon, as many of them where back then, crawled its way into the impressionable brains of me and my little sister. It was sweet fairly innocent and inoffensive fun and adventures featuring now this is the catch a town of cute, little, anthropomorphic animals.


now my little sister and I were kids who ran around in the forest near my childhood house with my friends pretty much every weekend if not almost daily, so I was no stranger to using my imagination adventure. I was able to really relate to these animal kids running around getting into mischief everyday, and it didn't hurt that they had a toy line that went along with it either. YES, I KNOW IT WAS TECHNICALLY FOR GIRLS!
but i had three sisters and no brothers so whatever, i played with dolls on occasion if i didn't want to play by myself.

these kids are LITERALLY running through the hillside.
see this pic? this make my brain dance.
the point is that this wonderful little show was giving me a very everyday story with true heart, yeah looking back at it now the american dubbing was poorly translated and most of the time poorly read, but you can see that it had heart under all that horrible localization. but it's that heart that stuck with me and serves as one of the pillars of story to me. it's not enough for a story to be awesome action and even awesomer characters all the time, for me a character has to have heart, a lead character at least. even if it's deep down inside, it should pop up every now and then and inspire or inform something positive in action. Now when i call it "very everyday" that's not an insult, I think that there should be a healthy degree of the mundane in a story in order to balance it out and make the fantastic elements seem more amazing in contrast for both the viewer and the characters involved. this is what Maple Town did for me, it injected my brain with how adventurous and interesting regular everyday life could be to write about, in a time when i was absolutely eating up anything that had a gun, sword or magical/mutant powers and a catch phrase. ha ha

but because of that, I found a harmony in my story telling, I know that it sometimes looks discordian and that I want to do one more than the other and it's true I want to do regular, mundane, apple picking adventure stories like Maple Town but I can't deny the adrenaline fueled face punching adventurous side of me that just wants to jump through a window, then a brick wall, then a lift up a flaming car and bench press it. rawr. :3

seriously tho, if I thought i could tell a story about three kids just running around in the hillside near there town all day I would definitely do it. But since I can't deny that part of me that also likes mystery and paranormal, magical circumstances then Munch Chunky will have to do. and I'm happy with that. It's possible that my crippling weakness to all things cute and adorable as an adult has its roots in shows like this that ran on nickelodeon when I was a kid. painting my heart and brain with a sugar sweet candy coating of hopefulness and happiness. oh, stop rolling your eyes, you made it this far. it's almost over.

who knows... maybe when I'm an old man with grand kids I'll tell a few stories that are purely about little bunny kids and their silly little normal adventures in an ocean side town somewhere. maybe.



Sep 4, 2013

Munch Chunky RETURNS!

Munch Chunky will be returning next wednesday on the 11th!
I know it's been so long since the last issue came out that most of you maybe don't even care anymore about the fate of this series. (it's been four months now) But I want to give you a reason to come back and care about these silly little furry animals.

I'm turning the key to the engine again and revving the motor, but the vehicle has had some slight modifications to it's body. Vague i know...
basically Munch Chunky will start back up from Issue 3a with a new added 25 pages of content.
PLUS, every issue after it will get an additional 25 pages of added content until I catch back up to where the series left off originally.
The reason for adding new content?

I looked at the story and thought certain parts were missing. these parts were flashbacks I was going to have drawn by a friend of mine, but he can't do it at the moment or... ever it seems.
no names shall be named and no blames shall be blamed.
So, I plan to put the missing chunks back into the book proper, drawn by my own withered dry hands and just re-sculpt a few things as far as the way the story flows.
oh and there will also be an extra special added surprise.
but I you'll have to wait until the issue relaunches to find out.
nyi hihihihiiii

this will pretty much put the comics that had been previously published in a temporary disabled state, until the new content is added to that particular issue. just so the experience can be a little fresh again.
sorry for the inconvenience, I just want to make the story more enjoyable for you and everyone who decides to pick up this title.

i think the series lost a lot of momentum and potential to entertain without those parts attached to them originally, and I apologize for that. I'm a dolt.
I apologize for a lot of things when it come to this series.

I've looked at the last few issues and I am NOT happy with how they look. I was at the height of my anxiety attacks and stress plus my arm was really acting up along with my back, i was just a real mess and those pages show it.
I need to reinject some of the upbeat action and fun adventure into the series.
this is an upbeat tale of hope and friendship after all, and I haven't been writing it accordingly.
it's not supposed to be bleak, even when it gets a little heavy.
it's supposed to remain a little goofy and candy coated at the heart of it. I lost that i think... just a little.
so bare with me as I try to regain a bit of that balance and get this ship sailing upright again. starting with 3a (3a PLUS?) no no, that's just stupid sounding... 3a is fine.
well, see you here in seven days!
- live, love, and eat fruit!

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Sep 1, 2013

Myth of Eustro Comics archive

-  - C     H     A     P     T     E     R     S -  -

01 - 02 - 03 - 04
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A bestiary catalog of Arkyne from the world of Ephon 
STR: Strength DEX: Dexterity CON: Constitution INT: Intelligence WIS: Wisdom CHR: Charisma
 SLP: Sleep PRL: Paralysis CNF: Confuse CHM: Charm SIL: Silence PSN: Poison DRK: Darkness (Blind) 
TRF: Transform (morph)  BSK: Berserk  PTF: Petrify FRZ: Freeze BLT: Blight  BRN: Burn