Jun 23, 2013

Goblyn issue 40b

well... you think you know where a story is going, and then half way through drawing and colouring it
you suddenly realize the story is wrong and not going to transition fast enough.
and you have to go back in halfway through and make revisions and try to not seem like a liar.

haha what i mean is, i underestimated how long the dialog would run and didn't have
enough room to show much action this issue. *shrugs* i said there was gonna' be face punching.

what can i say, i feel the need to create a sufficient set up for what is about to happen
in this series.

:bulletred: gah... i shouldn't say too much here.

OH! in case you hadn't seen it... I'm so totally trying to print Goblyn.
you can see all the details in  --> my latest  journal post  <--

Jun 21, 2013


this was a longer video but i edited down as best i could while retaining the informative bits.
i'm not a pro... sorry about all the umm and uhh's I'm such a derpy dork XD

So, I'm gonna' give printing Goblyn in trade form a shot.
but I'm reaching out to the entire Goblyn Guild community to help get this thing made
by offering up commissions in order to raise the money for printing.
fun right? 

:bulletred: details about the printing project:
* total goal to get the trade printed is $25 (no kidding!)
* your commission (of any type/price) goes to the printing of the Goblyn trade paperback
* Book 1 will be, 150 pages full colour
* Kablam will print it for $16.62     (the final price will most likely be $4 dollars more ($20.62)
* the books will be completed 2 weeks after we reach the total goal of $25
* the book will be up and listed in the Indyplanet shop, to buy a copy and have it shipped to your super awesome door. 

:bulletyellow:  PROJECT GOAL: $25 
:bulletgreen:  TOTAL EARNED: $3.67    WOO!


:bulletgreen: COMMISSION DETAILS: click image to see full size chart


all commissions payable through
paypal, snail mail, or any form of payment system really
:bulletgreen: to order a comish, please send me a note or email me at goblyncomics@gmail.com
w/ your request info & any links for reference.
(i will reply with my proper info)
:bulletblue: all colour commissions include, a link to a zip pack with

:bulletblack: the comish at high quality 300, 200, & 100 res, printable jpeg, psd & png formats

:bulletblack: a speed art video of me colouring the work (w/ music of your choice added) :3
(if in colour/only applies to colour works)


Jun 9, 2013

Goblyn issue 40a

hunh... apparently the number 40 is spelled forty not fourty.
all these years i had no idea. i guess all my teachers were spelling it wrong too
because they never corrected me. ha ha
sorry this was late... i'll show you what i've been working on in about a month.
it's really been distracting me.