Nov 26, 2013

Munch Chunky Chapter 4a

read the full comic here --> Munch Chunky Chapter 4A
with an added 25 pages + MORE!

i felt it would make more sense to have a bit of the scavenger hunt like game of Trongo ball be explained just a little.
it only makes sense that they would have prelims. right?
this is a fate of the social world kind of game, you don't just let anyone play when ever they want right?... right.
part of me wishes we could just play a global sport that is like a soccer/baseball combination instead of going to war all the time.
we need our own Pax Trata.

Nov 22, 2013

Smars Upgraded!

So I got a super wonderful surprise at my front door today...
I'm laying there after a nights craziness at work slowly dozing off while bobs burgers plays on my laptop in the distance and the NOK NOK NOK really loud, i get up and deliriously stumble down the hall to the door and open it and there's the UPS guy standing there with a large box at his feet.
my eyes must have lit up like planet sized orbs because he smiled and chuckled at me.

it had arrived... a full five days ahead of when they said it would. my new Yiynova MSP19U tablet monitor!

this has been a long time coming down the pipe. me wanting to move to a paperless system of making art.
I was burning through pencils (both Carmine red and F lead) and paper so fast in the last few months it made me want to break down and cry.
i was going through about one and a half pencils per comic and I do three series a month basically so you can imagine how much it was all costing me.

i had to install the drivers on my laptop twice to correct a weird problem i was getting initially, where a small 2 X 2 grid of the screen would invert the controls of the pen when i would pass over it. it was odd and mad me really scared i had bought some sort of damaged goods and wouldn't be able to return it or something in the realm of irrational fears. ha ha.

after the second install everything was working just fine and i broke in the tablet by coloring the latest issue of Goblyn. For now it's only colouring i'm doing, i'm still doing pages by hand with real paper, but I'm slowly moving in the direction of total paperlessness.

I just have to get used to working on a surface with no tactile feedback. it's such a slick surface that my brain just gets confused by what we're doing. my hand goes too fast because i can't tell from the feel and i end up leaving the computer behind to catch up to what i'm doing.

i'm exaggerating.
it's not 1 to 1 exactly perfect but it's better than using a blind tablet like i have for all these years. I felt a lot more confident while coloring and shading than i usually do, i was engaged and not just on auto pilot while work. it gets a little warm right in the spot along the bottom where my wrist rests a lot but it's not like i'm touching a hot burner or the sun, it's just warm. sometimes heating up while I use certain functions or tools in photoshop.
it's not a deal breaker.

at the end of my first day using my new tablet monitor, i feel good. I like it a lot.
i'm excited to see what all i can do with this thing once i get good and comfortable with it.

Nov 12, 2013

Myth of Eustro Chapter Two

Chapter 2: Harbingers of Terror

mew mew mew
hrm... maybe that should be, squee hee hee!
a lot of late nights making this chapter.
it really kept me company, kept me awake kept me happy.

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