Dec 23, 2014

Goblyn chapter 48 preview


no seriously, there are six pages out of ten with rain sequences in them. I'm sloshing around in rain drops and wet shirts and mud puddles and OH MAH GOSH THE MUD!
but, I've finally moved on to the lettering stage of the comic and now I'm entering the anxious place where I'm worried about if people are going to like the chapter. if I did a good job or if all the hours of red eyed grogginess come through in the art and story.

I have a place I want to get to and like so many of us I'm just always hoping that what I put down on the page is helping bring people reading it to that place without getting lost in the comics darkness.

I'm happy with this chapter, I just wish I could do more in it. tell more story. more frequently. still adjusting to the new apartment and getting back on track with my comics making schedule and this new slightly uncomfortable work space.
well, back to lettering.