Apr 30, 2015

Myth of Eustro Chapter Seven

this month is gone y'all, that sucks! 
I thought I had another week. 
I feel like I slept through this whole month. 

I had so much that I wanted to get done but didn't
and I don't know why or where the time went.
in the moment if feels like i"m spending m time wisely
but when I look back at the month I think... "what were you doing all that time?"
the strange and horrible part is... I can't exactly answer, because it's all a blur.
that's bad right?
I don't like it when days and time get like that
just racing past like it's inconsequential
it's supposed to all matter, this beautiful weird wonderful thing called life
and I feel like I'm ignoring a lot of it.
I have to promise myself I won't keep ignoring it.