Oct 31, 2015

Myth of Eustro Chapter Ten

it seriously bothers me how long it took for me to get through this chapter. 
2 months? 
that shouldn't have happened.
and thanks for your patience! you're super great!

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Oct 5, 2015


Species type: Imps 
Land of origin: Kenalli, Julle, Loark

Imps (Impaba Empire) are what is considered one of the secondary classes of noble species of Ephon.
As a cultural movement Imps come from a very nature oriented belief system.
They feel that spirits exist in many if not all things in the world since all things are born out of or crafted from nature.
They strongly honor their past relatives, ancient lineages, including many mythological deities of nature.

Imps are factioned across numerous tribes of the lands and as such have different degrees of
overlapping ancient beliefs that may or may not still play a part in their contemporary lives.
Imps for the majority are a herbivorous farm building clade that are talented and resourceful.
Much of the advanced knowledge of caring for the land as well as spotting signs of Overtake
and preventing it from  ruining safe zone land comes from generations of Imps.
Their deep rooted belief systems for a long time prevented them from being excepted into the
United Commonwealth, as they were generally not seen as sophisticated enough a debated action
as they are still in fact slowly being integrated into the UC cultural dynamic.
Imps have complex and sophisticated olfactory senses. They have the ability to taste the air and
create highly detailed visual pictures in their minds of the thing they have captured the scent of.
An Imps memory is very trustworthy and they do not forget easily. Many of the remaining and newly created maps of the world were crafted by Imps.Within many of their cultural
tribes they identify and even name one another based on individual or collective smells the Imp takes to first.
An Imps first name is often reflective of a plant, flower, or natural item they gravitated to first from birth.
This is their way of allowing the individual to choose their own name.
Imps of many tribal cultures wear clothing reflective of the seasons of the cycles. In fall they will wear
browns and oranges or in spring they will wear bright vivid purples, reds blues yellows and greens.