Dec 31, 2015

2015 monster stickers art summary

my 2015 art summary is of the years monthly monster stickers
I made and mailed out to people that contributed $5 to my patreon.
it was fun making all these weird silly designs.
January... I guess had no stickers... I didn't remember that.

I discovered a lot about myself and what I find visually attractive 
and what kinds of things I use as an artistic crutch.
certain shapes kept showing up, certain colors, certain themes
so many eyes and toothy mouths. haha

I'm excited to see what comes oozing out of my brain in 2016

Dec 29, 2015

Myth of Eustro chapter 11 update/preview

I just pulled the last line on Eustro chapter 11, 
the sketch work is aaaaall done, now it's on to the "inks" and color. 
I wanted this to come out before the end of the year, but realistically I can see this coming out around January 1st or 2nd.

I had a really good idea for this chapter but I think I'm going to save it for chapter 12, depending on how people vote. hee hee.
I actually need to do a test or two to make sure it will work without messing up the .swf file format i use.

I'm also slowly working towards moving away from the .swf format.
it does mean a lot of things will change in the future about the immediacy by which these comics can be received and read, but meh... life changes and goes on. hopefully in a positive progressive nature. sitting in place and doing one thing your whole artistic life isn't healthy. 
I'll explain all that in the coming year. 

in the mean time, 
I've also attached a little screen cap of several images from multiple pages of this chapter, completely out of context!


Dec 28, 2015

monthly wallpaper 1215

So, I really liked the new star wars movie. a lot.

saw it opening night.

look... the original is literally my favorite movie EVER.
I was 7 when I first saw it. and it changed my world.
which was very small back then as you can imagine.

force awakens, was a different star wars, but still very star wars.

it made me feel a million times less angst ridden than the prequels did.

anyhoo, you can tell how much I liked it because I did fan art of it.
I rarely do fan art. it's a whole long thing I'd rather not bore you trying to describe my stupid reasoning.
The original version of this was supposed to be Jeph and Ami dressed as Finn and Rey with Sankofah painted hastily as BB8, 
but it just didn't come together so I went with a straight forward fanart.

$1 comics packs (including development work and thumbnails), wallpapers, and additional art
$5 Four, exclusive monster stickers/postcards mailed to your door!, comics packs 
(including development work and thumbnails), 
wallpapers, and additional art

Dec 23, 2015

The End...

I've decided to close up shop at the sticker & postcard store I had set up.
no body ever bought anything from there, and not even people who bought stickers and postcards at my table at conventions.
I'm not sure why? maybe it's just less fun to buy them online than when standing in front of a table where they can hold them in their hand before buying them?

I have no clue if there was an actual disconnect or if no one really cared.
hard to say.

all I do know is, it costs me 20 bucks a month to maintain and I don't have 20 to spare.
my hope was that I could balance it out with monthly sales paying for the bigcartel hosting
buuuuut... that didn't happen.
at all.

I made one sale in two years. that's just sad.
thanks Nick. you're the best.

I even made the prices low enough that I thought they would be appealing.
maybe people thought the prices were reflective of the quality?
but not everything that's expensive is high or good quality.

oh well...

I'm not sure really why I posted this? maybe just in case someone asks where the site went in the future, I can point them to this post? I'm not sure who would ask though. no one literally cared that it existed.
just one of my many failures in these past few years.

Dec 17, 2015

Goblyn chapter 57

I don't really have a lot to say about this chapter. 
it's the open gate leading to a much bigger yard full of... things.
horrible and wonderful, things.

on another note, I'm both excited and nervous, because I'm going to see Force Awakens tonight.
I... I just hope it's a good movie.
I purposely had myself on a media black out since October.
I only ever saw that very first teaser trailer they released waaaaay back.
I was on the fence because I'm not a big fan of JJ Abrams. (he seems really pretentious)
but after seeing that teaser trailer I decided to go see it.
I like that it's going to have practical effects.
I'm just really burnt out on CG.
hollywood has really driven that into the ground.

well, thanks for reading. enjoy!

Dec 12, 2015

AMIDS Transmit 03: Love Lies And Little Girl Lost

 A.M.I.D.S. is the Allied Museum Intern Disclosure Society, boosting our signal and getting out the truth to the world of Ephon about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the Grande Museum of the United Commonwealth. (GMUC)

In this episode we discuss the mystery of the vanished Goblin princess.
Goblin culture, history, and just Goblin stuff in general.

music by: Cryochamber