Jan 1, 2009


Ami Tessura
 Debut: Issue 4
Ch. 1, The Worm's Plight prt. 2
Ami, is one of the main protagonist in the Goblyn series. She is a very intelligent, upbeat, and inquisitive young lady who is always seeking to explore and understand new things. She is a junior archaeologist, who grew up in the metropolitan area of the kingdom of Auremusto known as Dohl.
♦ Name: Ami Tessura  ♦ Age: 16 (Vol. One)     
♦ Gender: Female  ♦ Birthdate: Lel' Chf 17, 5880
♦ Birthplace: Dohl

♦ Occupation: Archaeologist    ♦ Class: Junior    ♦ Rank:        
♦ Affiliations: unknown   ♦ Relationships: MuMu (pet)  
Logik Spectral Range: N/0 (Vol. One)  BW/Unknown (Issue 7b)
♦ Disciplines: Anthropology, History, Classical studies, Geography, Linguistics, Entomology, Horticulture

Ami's Logik Spectrum Stat

Ami has a short and athletic build. She has an oval shaped head with silver hair, that has a gradient sheen to it when the light reflects off it. She has several bangs along the front that are dyed various shades of pink, blending into platinum blonde stripes. She has dark grey, small, wide set eyes, with an epicanthic fold distinctive to many people descended from Mankinds who settled the Westlands of Erravannah. Her most prominent feature is her pale greay-blue skin tone, a feature more specific to members of the few remaining clans that once dominated the region.

Ami is often mistaken as being an extrovert, due in part to how excitable and assertive she can be when engrossed by a subject or task she is interested in. She is actually very shy and will often opt to observe rather than participate in social settings. She will, however speak up when she comes across something she feels strongly about. 

Her upbringing in the valley of Dohl, she grew up connected to nature and animals like a lot of people from her region, where studies on Botany and Entomology are a taught to children in classes and at home at a very young age. She shows a high sensitivity to the emotional state of the Entomonzoic and Botanical life of Erravannah, to the degree she can actually communicate with them.


Ami was born in 5880 on a standard agronomic farm where she began reading with a voracious appetite at a very young age.  Despite any teachings or studies of any subject pertaining to the practitioning of Logik within the Auremusto kingdom limits being permitted, Her father gave her many books on the subject in secret. 

When Ami was 6 years old, her father gave her a small egg of a rare Entomonzoa species. An artifact from a time when Logik immersed the region in a long war. She was told by her father that she would have to research how to incubate and care for it within her collection of books. After learning how to properly care for the egg for an entire year the egg finally hatched. She soon gained a close bond with the little grub she named MuMu. 


As most children of the region do at the age of 11, Ami went off to study at the major university in the city-kingdom of Auremusto. She excelled in most of her classes and in 5893 was granted an apprenticeship under the Universities head of Archaeological studies with the title Junior Archaeologist. 
In that same year the Spectral army invaded the Kingdom of Auremusto, which was then seized under military occupation. Many people fled the Westlands to parts of Mah' Hu within the UFK territories.

Ami's abilities are mostly of the sort used by survivalists. Skills taught to her by her father as most parents do in her village, and have done for centuries.
She has basic hunting, and foraging skills, and an experienced knowledge of horticulture.
Her other abilities lay in the fields of Anthropology, History, Classical studies, Geography, Linguistics, and Entomology which she studied while in the University at Auremusto City-Kingdom.

  • Knife wielding - She is very skilled with short blades and daggers, a skill set taught to Ami by her father while growing up in Dohl.
Skill range: N/Unknown

  • Knife throwing -  She has been shown to have a high rate of accuracy, a talent that she mostly keeps hidden unless urged to use it by a threatening situation.
Skill range: N/75-85 (speculated)

  •  Flight - While being possessed by the Anima Ruah entity known as Kanastraa, Ami projected several ghostly forms enabling her with sustained flight and hovering ability.
Skill range: B/?-W/?

Vol. 1