Myth of Eustro Chapter Eighteen

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Myth of Eustro chapter 18 (eighteen)
listening to the Poli├ža album Shulamith over and over (Expanded Edition) I've had it for months now, but it's been on heavy rotation along with a couple AM444 (Rooms, Eye Wonder) albums. i really love when i find albums i can listen to and enjoy from the first song to the last. it's rare for me because a lot of the time i don't want to hear music with lyrics. 
i find myself driving to this album a lot. it's good for driving and just going on an aimless journey to clear your thoughts. sometimes it's just a walk but i realized i'm usually in the car when listening to it. hmm...
I only found the album because one song was briefly used in an episode of The Magicians and after the season ended i decided I liked it enough to find it on the internet. yay. it came to me at the right time, it makes me feel good when i feel a specific emotional sadness (that i won't get into for the sake of all parties involved) but I'm sure you get what i mean and this has been going on for too long!
check out the speed art for the animated sequence from this chapter on my youtube channel @ 

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