Jan 1, 2009

Dunburss Bar/Inn keep

 Debut: Issue 3
Ch. 3, The Worms Plight prt. 1
The Dunburss bartender is an unnamed inconsequential character in the Goblyn series.
He is a talkative bar/inn keep manager who knows much of the business of the town of Dunburss.

reacting to unwanted guests.
He is a stout man with a very square shaped head, large round bright blue eyes, plump lips and rosey cheeks and large nose. He has dark brown wooly hair and a beard to match. He is very well dressed and tidy wearing a bright purple double breasted vest. 
He is a pleasant and helpful man with a fairly upbeat attitude. He's very talkative and often helps people down on their luck.

Jeph in the upstairs Inn
He owns and manages a duplex building featuring both an Inn located in its upstairs portion and a Bar located on the ground floor. Like many of the bar/inn keeps in the town of Dunburss he is the eyes and ears of the town and knows most if not all of the business of the people. His Bar/Inn is a fairly popular spot for many veteran local mine workers, and is rarely involved in any violent activities.


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