Jan 1, 2009

J. Mephisto

J. Mephisto
 Debut: Issue 3
Ch. 1, The Worms Plight prt.1 
J. Mephisto is a secondary protagonist of the Goblyn series.
He is a strong and agile Logiksmith, who is very proficient 
in pyrokinetic Logik. He is cunning, and can adapt quickly
in a fight.

♦ Name: Unknown   ♦ Age: 28
♦ Gender: Male   ♦ Birthdate: Lel' Mah 12, 5868   ♦ Birthplace: Crooksfield

♦ Occupation: Thesaurologist     ♦ Class: Pirate    ♦ Rank: Unknown      
♦ Affiliations: Tree of Auburosoh    ♦ Relationships: Unknown 
Logik Spectral Range: P/100-OR/88 (Vol. One)
♦ Boka of Enlightenment: Armaments, Ataxia, Aequos

He has a lean and muscular body build. A round head with natural tawny/amber hair usually shaved into a mohawk fashion and olive green eyes. His eyes are long and almond shaped with thick lashes and dark rings underneath from infrequent sleep. 
He has two very prominent scars above his biceps on both arms, running the circumference of the entire bicep. He also has a large turquoise-blue tattoo depicting the emblem of the Aequo Logik sect, across his entire back. 

His attire usually consists of a dark red, hooded, one piece jumpsuit, a set of customized forearm length gloves, and the Logik artifact known as the mask of Tahelesse. When he is not wearing his jumpsuit, he generally wears simple jeans, a t-shirt, and often a hunter green jacket.

J. is a very low key and private person who usually doesn't like to attract a lot of attention. He isn't very loyal to anyone, thing, or organization, and while he is sometimes mistrustful of people he is still very dependable.

He is very well read, and has a deep love of old books, usually of historical importance, to which he collects as a self proclaimed bibliophile. His affinity for collecting old books has lead to an intermittent association with questionable book dealers, collectors, and the theft of libraries or any place in which a book or books of personal interest might be located.

J. suffers from infrequent insomnia, brought on by haunting voice of Mekashyll who resides within the mask of Tahelesse, after prolonged exposure while wearing the mask during his teenage years. He can now communicate with Mekashyll telepathically even when not wearing the mask, but most usually during periods of reduced conscious states such as sleep  

His only ability to fight against this is to have the skull of Saint Cecil near him, which silences the voice of Mekashyll. J. almost always carries a satchel containing the skull with him where ever he goes, to prevent Mekashyll from gaining any prominence in his conscious state. 


Between the ages of 14 and 18, J. spent a lot of time as an antiquities pirate, who would steal, sell and trade many rare and  artifacts generally unobtainable through normal means.

During this period he would wear the mask of Tahelesse, to enhance his ability to use Logik. Even with his knowledge of the nature of the mask as a Logik artifact, he wore the mask with increasing frequency, giving him and incredible boost of adrenaline and strength and  leading him to taking on tougher jobs from black-market antiquities collectors and dealers. He eventually became friends with Dolklot a small twilight sprite who he met as the liaison of a very prominent antiques collector to which he did a few jobs for.

5886 - 5896
Meerjun holding the skull of Saint Cecil
J. discovered the skull of Saint Cecil while doing a job in which he infiltrated the home collection of the rival collector to whom he was working for at the time. He obtained the skull for his personal collection, and soon found that it had a very powerful effect on the mask of Tahelesse, and the spirit that was craftwerk'd into it Mekashyll. Thus allowing his to gain greater control over the abilities he could extract from the mask.

Shortly after J. was confronted by the organization known as Tree of Auburosoh, who were aware of his past activities as an antiquities pirate. He then began working for them along side Dolklot, as a branch agent who specialized in Thesaurology with a concentration in antiquities extraction and reclamations.
He is a very daring and acrobatic Logiksmith, who can very easily and quickly adapt in the heat of a battle and while many of his pyrokenetic abilities manifest themselves as spectral flames, he does have the ability to command elemental fire as well. 
J. Mephisto often alternates between spectral and pyrokenetic flames during a fight. the two can be told apart by the layering. Spectral flames are generally a single consistent plume, where as elemental flames are more dense with several overlapping layers of plumage.

  • Spectral flame - a spectrum wave attack that takes on the form and characteristics of fire. While it can burn or consume like elemental fire, if J. controls it to do so it usually has the physical intensity of a kinetic push or punch. Colour variations denote the intensity of the push/punch.
Skill range: G/50-YO/90

  • Breath of fire - An elemental pyrokenetic incantation allowing J. to literally ignite the air expelled from his lungs in the form of fire.
Skill range: Y/50-OR/88

  • Fire Incantation - J. will often use basic pyrokenetic incantations, in both offense and defense. 
Skill range: O/50-OR/88

  • Spirit flame -  A very advanced and intense spectral wave flame, that takes on an pale green or white colour. J. uses this sparingly due to the amount of energy it takes to do such a high level incantation. 
Skill range: G/100-Y/100

  • Molten - An intense concentration of elemental pyrokenetic flame that J. uses to turn many mineral based articles into their melted or molten liquid form. 
Skill range: Y/90-O/88

  • Half Echo - A puppet duplication which allows the Logik practitioner to make a physical copy of the practitioner , with the use of a blood incantation.
Skill range: O/88

Vol. 1

  • Issue 5, With the help of Dolklot in her fighting form, to defeat an advanced Logiksmith and her water sprite.
  • Issue 16a, 16b, 17a, 17b, against Meerjun at an abandoned archaeological site.



an early 2009 illustration of J. and Dolklot,
near an early concept of  the town of Dunburss.