Jan 2, 2009


Okio (Oh-Key-Oh) 
 Debut: Issue 8
Ch. 8b,  Reconnect
Okios are legally permissible contemporary Logik artifacts, used by Sluggers as a transmission database for all information pertaining to Slugs.
♦ Name: Okio   ♦ Type: Book   ♦ Class: N.S.S.A, article K, artifact      

Okios are books 5.5 x 8.5 x 1 in. retrofitted with several, N.S.S.A approved Logik based parts. The book portion of the Okio can take many pre-approved bindings and colours. The Okio's front interior cover is marked by a standard triangular Invokachen plate, surrounded by a permanent three layer steady holding incantation set for stabilization that can only be used on Okios

It is equipped with several pages like a normal book, which use the Invokachen plate to transmit and receive messages. The Okio receives an updatable database of all actively wanted Slugs, complete with last known location and vital stats. The transmission of the Invokachen is translated and physically imprinted onto the Okio's pages automatically as updates are available. This is done via a circular N.S.S.A. approved Logik incantation, known as a database stamp, located on the Okio's interior cover. These two items work in tandem to make the Okio a source of instant information and communication. In order to prevent long term degradation of the database stamp Okios must be updated with a fresh stamp every few months.

The stamp is applied via an N.S.S.A. approved incantation ink, applied to an Okio stamper. The Okio stamper uses four small beveled Invokachen to adheare the semi permanent updatable database stamp. The special incantation is applied electroniclly through an Okio stamp imprinting machine, and then transferred to the Okio stamper.


Okio generally have no more than 50 active pages at a time. The rest of the book (upgradable to a maximum of 900 pages), can be used for Slug archiving or message archiving. In addition, being a Logik artifact the Okio is imbued with specific properties of Logik allowing it to shrink and enlarge in size, for easy traversability. 

  •  Instant Messenger - provides a text & image based transmissions written and received on its pages near instantly. (delay runs in accordance with distance from recipient or sender)

  •   Transmogrify - size of Okio can be reduced or enlarged on command by it's registered owner/user.


An example of N.S.S.A. approved incantation ink.
Jeph holding an expensive, custom Okio stamper.

An example of a basic Okio stamper.
An example of a stamp imprinter and Okio stamper.

Jeph displaying his Okio in reduced form.