Jan 2, 2009


Orvarravah (Or-Vaw-Ra-Vaw)
Orvarravah is an Ataxia Logik sect, that was started by the Patron Saint of blood, Orvarr. It's primary symbol is denoted by six points of chaos, three of which are even and three uneven and pointless representing its infinite reach.

♦ Name: Orvarravah   ♦ Type: Chaos   ♦ Class: Offensive  
♦ Physical Range: varies   ♦ Spectral Range: Y/0-DR/100
Spectral Range, from Yellow to Red

Orvarravah Logik, has no distinct appearance or characters manifestation, but does have the defining necessity of bloodletting in order to use it effectively. There are several types of incantations which use Orvarravah most verging on the more complex end of the spectrum.

Early to mid 3000's

Orvarr the Blood Saint

With the discovery of the correlation between increased blood flow through blood letting and an increase in the potency of Logik incantations, many Logik practitioners of the post All Saints War era became fixated on this path. One of the Boka of enlightenment to come from this era was Orvarravah, as a sub sect of Ataxia Logik originated and written by Orvarr.
Orvarr wasn't a student of the first Logik Saints, but came along a few generations later, rising in popularity during the All Saints War period. This was a time when the Balance had become heavily shifted and as a result, Logik of a Chaos/Ataxia nature became the favored focus of many Logik practitioners.
It is generally assumed among those who study the speculative history tree of Logik sects, that Orvarravah is an extension of the similar but clandestine techniques of several Westlandic Clans such as the Platinus and Silvus clans.

A Logiksmith practicing Orvarravah is by all intents and purposes more powerful, the loss of blood balances itself out with a loss of control manifesting itself in many ways. Most common being the inability to focus and properly direct the path of the incantations.

  •   Blood Rage - the deliberate blood letting to increase the potency of all incantation that follow. A basic branch of Orv. Logik.
Skill range: YG/0-DR/100

  • Tatauh - the physical manipulation of  tattoos made using incantation ink. A complex branch of Orv. Logik.
 Skill range: O/50-DR/100



Sethirre deliberately getting a nose bleed.