Jan 1, 2009

The Runeclaws

The Runeclaws
 Debut: Issue 3
Ch. 3, The Worms Plight prt. 1 
The Runeclaws are an organization of bandits, that have a network across towns in the lower Northlands. 
The Runeclaws began as a mining crew managed by three brothers, where they successfully mined Black Iron, which was very common and abundant in the area. Using Tossusk worms to strip away paths for workers to travel through to get from one site of extractable ore and minerals, to another.

Runeclaws using Wemm, to lure Tossusks
Midway through their career as miners the brothers discovered a cave system that predated any made by them. They further explored the cave system and found that it once belonged to an ancient civilization that was thought to be either a myth or extinct known as the Witchclockers. Many artifacts, and treasures had been left behind, along with unusual foreign technologies that were mysteriously powered by a mineral source from within the cave systems including and enormous clock. 

The oldest of the three brothers Lancaster Sr. began calling the cave system The House of Golden runes, after an old tale he heard from his grandmother. The miners eventually began wearing the funerary masks they discovered in the cave system and called themselves Runeclaws after the old tale. 

The newly dubbed Runeclaws began using the mining operation as a front to cover the wide range of illegal services and good they began to explore. Along with illegal jobs such as extortion, theft, kidnapping, arms trafficking and smuggling for various corporations, merchants,  and governments willing to pay their fees. They began working heavily in the illicit antiquities trade with a black market reputation built up from the artifacts they found in the cave system. 

kidnapped children working in the mines.
Lord Lancaster, son of the founder also began a mining operation the extract large amounts of the yet unidentified mineral from the caves. To do this he had several members of the Runeclaws kidnap children from towns around the Northern Kuhskus valley region. While working in the mining town of Dunburss, The Runeclaws were discovered to have had an affiliation with a local Red clay mining magnate where they helped him obtain vast quantities of Hithics blood, as he was also revealed to be a secret member of The Order of The S. 

two Runeclaws patrolling the Hithics blood storage.
Runeclaws using child labor to export illicit artifacts
The Runeclaws as an organization for hire, were subsequently dissolved after Lord Lancaster the son of the Runeclaws original founder and his two uncles were killed in their center of operations by a Witchclocker by the name of Vimmer KoKo. But not before it was discovered that they had been using live Tossusk worms attached by electrodes, to machines, in order to generate electricity for the entire cave system an act they had previously pulled in Dunburss.

All Runeclaws can be identified by their vividly colored masks, many of which are decorated by various displays of nape plumage. Higher ranked members of the Runeclaws often mark themselves with capes. the majority of important members wear one shoulder capes, while the highest ranking  members wear full capes. Soldiers generally only wear vests and Arja tape bindings on the hands, forearms, biceps, abdomen, shins and/or thighs.

Runeclaws are often very arrogant and are very proud but thuggish in nature. they are taught to have very aggressive tactics including extortion and smuggling. Their strong sense of group based honor and pride often serve as a catalyst for public violent acts. 



Unnamed Uncle
Uncle Jossum
Lord Lancaster

Unnamed Captain