Jan 1, 2009


 Debut: Issue 1
Ch. 1, Saving Grace 
Sleemer is an old and massive Knoll spirit, whose aggressive devotion to an ancient and long dead aristocratic house has lead him to take up a path of destructive retribution against all mankinds in Mah' Hu.
♦ Name: Sleemer the destroyer  ♦ Age: 347
♦ Gender: Male  ♦ Birthdate: Unknown  ♦ Birthplace: Slade Sylvarum

♦ Class: Knoll (Greater hillock sprite) ♦ Clan: Slade   ♦ Status: Element Eater      

♦ Affiliations: Black Fungus House
Logik Spectral Range: P/100-YO/44 (Vol. One)

♦ Boka of Enlightenment: Deorss, Sylvarum

Sleemer's Logik Spectrum Stat

Sleemer is a towering hillock mound, covered with dozens of trees, shrubs, and mossy patches. His forward facing area has four large and long brown eyes. When he stands he has four large and thick truncated legs each with three to four tuberous root like toes. He also can produce and grow several tuberous root arms along the base of his body.
Sleemer is a very arrogant member of the Slade clan which were a clan serving under the Black Fugus House, an old house that fell long ago in disgrace. Despite Black Fungus Houses past and the fact that he is the last surviving member of it and the Slade clan, Sleemer continues to live in a state of delusional nobility with his head held high.
He is an angry and forceful aggressive forest spirit who believes in the superiority  of monsterkind to that of mankinds, and fights to restore the ancient tradition in which beings of the middle universe such as Sprites and more so Spirits were worshipped and revered as protectors of the land and all nature.

est. 5500-5896
the remains of warriors

The Slade clan is an old rhizome Sprite lineage, which being born under the ancient aristocratic Black Fungus House  grants Sleemer the clandestine teachings of  Sylvarum. Mastering these teachings over hundreds of years granted him the house recognized status of Spirit. But in truth, Sleemer is actually a sprite, who has learned to produce rhizomes of his own as a natural born spirit would.


  • Rhizome - can create several types of sprites from rhizome spores.

the reincarnated form of Sleemer
  • Oculous multiplicity - can create multiple eyes on any extended portion of his body

  • Reincarnate - can survive in small independent units, from any state of material degradation.

Vol. 1
Issue 2, against Jeph, where in Jeph is knocked unconscious, and Sankofah takes over control of Jeph beginning a transformation into a powerful form in order to defeat Sleemer.