Feb 1, 2009

Mah' Hu

Map of Mah' Hu

The continent of Mah' Hu (maw-hoo) is the central and largest land mass on all of Erravannah. It is divided into seven valley regions, sub divided into several states and kingdoms divided between three contemporary powers The Empire of Sands, The Dirth Empire, and several territories of neutrality that are often protected by The United Federated Kingdoms.

Many of the lands of Mah' Hu have had a long history of monarchism. In the period of time pre Era of Enlightenment, known as the Balance period, Mah' Hu was majority ruled across the north and the south by the numerous pockets of aristocratic houses of the monsterkind. It was eventually divided up and the aristocratic houses distilled down through several periods of war ending with the house of Gavamesh ruling the remaining Monster Kingdom houses and territories in the south known as The Dirth Empire. In the north the Empire of Sands was established and populated mostly by Mankinds.
The seven valley regions of North and South Mah' Hu are mostly divided by major forest lands which change dramatically in biotope conditions and major tributaries and parent rivers.

Map of the valley regions of Mah' Hu

  • Todi
  • Blaed
  • Kuhskus
  • Lormeska
  • Jess 
  • Nevessk
  • Meur