Nov 27, 2011

Goblyn issue 17a

a quick look back, while still moving forward. 
I admitted to my friend and often times editor LD Walker, that I was both excited and nervous about this issue.

the story is coming to a serious turning point.
a point where things about many of the characters will be revealed, and from that point on there will be no turning back. for them or for me.

I always had a couple of paths I wanted to go down, with each character... I just never thought i would finally get to that point where things stopped going uphill and started leveling out.
I'm both excited and nervous about the near future for these characters, maybe because I know what awaits them. not only in the coming year... but through out the rest of the series.
either way... this issue is a symbolic threshold, and I hope we all enjoy what's on the other side as we step over it.