Feb 5, 2012

Goblyn issue 19a

 This story has been building steam pretty much since Goblyn issue 3. That’s how long I’ve been waiting to get to this chunk of story, that’s how long I’ve been sitting around with this arc in my head. And now we’re finally to it. The final arc of the first volume of Goblyn, that I call “the Unlimited arc.” Originally issues 13a through 15b were a part of the Worm’s Plight story arc (can you tell?) 
but introducing characters like Vimmer KoKo (the Witchclocker) so early just seemed too fast. So I rearranged the order of a few of the events to give the characters enough time to develop, before I lined them back up for this last arc. It is a last arc for Volume one of Goblyn, but just the beginning for Jeph and the rest.