Mar 22, 2012


So, I'm pretty much finished with all the incentives for the Goblyn Kickstarter fund. 
i really only have one last thing to create for it.
a very special last thing.
i won't spoil it, but here's a hint

?????? what could it be ??????

Beyond that, I just need to finish the video, and it's done and out the door.
of course, the video IS the hardest part of doing a kickstarter fund.
I'm having the hardest time summing up Goblyn in a small enough chunk that such a long format story makes sense. I mostly rely on the actual work itself to... well... speak for itself.

I'm not saying it's define less, 
just that it's hard for me not to drone on about all the
 little bits and pieces of the story without making people's eyes roll back into their heads in annoyance.
it's detailed. some might say, overly complex.
but I'm getting there.

i keep whittling it down day by day,
 so that it's more condensed while still retaining the stuff that makes it interesting and fun.
it's coming together. it's just driving me up the wall in the process.

Ami's skin tone makes it hard to colour her clothing correctly.