Mar 15, 2012

the middle of the week...

i was going to go on some weird dissertation about what my work week is like doing Goblyn, and how wednesday is this rough mole pocked hill to get over... 
but I'm pretty sure that applies to anyone who works monday through friday.

instead I'll write about how hard it is to keep from 
over expressing yourself or over explaining your work while making a 
Kickstarter video for your campaign.

I'm making one... I've been making one since the beginning of the year.
I had a few hurdles to get over. 
i did, now comes the easy part.

or so I thought.

how do you talk about something, but don't reveal what it's about?
my fear is spoiling what it's about for people who already read, but want to contribute to the campaign.
and explaining it to people unfamiliar, who might want to become more familiar, and also want to contribute.
i don't want to sell it short, by simplifying it, but i don't want to over complicate it either.

you see this?
this is how my brain works.
one thought scatters into a million directions at once
and instead of taking one of the paths i simultaneously go down them all
and totally lose my way.

well, I'm nearly through.
with this post and the video.
i just poured out my heart in it.
not in a terribly gushy way.
but in a honest way.
one that a future version of me would be proud of
and a past version of me would be inspired by.