Mar 25, 2012

things are happening...

For the last 12 months I have been trying to create a Goblyn Databook. A visual resource where you can find all sorts of details about characters, places, events, and more that exist in the Goblyn universe. Kinda' like a Wiki. I tried to transform the Goblyn dA group into it and ended up sucking the life and fun out of it.
behold! the fun vampire! mwa hahahaaaaaa. 
anyhoo. it didn't work. because I was forced to put all the information on a single piece of art to be uploaded to dA.

hm... those BOE symbols are wrong.

what i tried to turn the group page into turned out to be a tragic mess. created with the best possible intentions, but a mess all the same.

then I actually went a head and tried to create a Goblyn Wiki, but soon learned I lacked the necessary skills to create a wonderful visual wiki site. I broke those pages so many times... :C
alas the Goblyn wiki is dead in the water.

what I wanted the most was an on site wiki, so you wouldn't have to leave the website just to enjoy the databook. I tried with the current Goblyn site. I honestly did.
but just as it's horrible limitations and infuriatingly broken interface drove me here to post my news... the same can be said of the Goblyn Databook.

this one page will have so many out going links C:

I've already posted the first page. Jeph, of course with more to come. a lot more.
and that's why I'm writing this silly little post.
because I have made the decision to move once and for all to this location as the permanent Goblyn website.
what this ultimately means is, over the course of the next few weeks if not the next month
I will be migrating every inch of what was the old Goblyn site to this place. So a lot of back dated posts will be going up and possibly flood your inbox if you follow this blog.
idk how it works honestly :P

I know, i did this once before, a few months back then chickened out.
but it was because blogger and google were in a weird transitional period and everything they operated was under construction and there fore hard to use.
but I tested it out by making the Munch Chunky site a blogger page and it works.
So why not Goblyn. that way it will all be right here in one place. Heck I even have a domain name now.
yup. yup.
awesome, eh?

it links to the old site right now, but will link here soon enough.

if you follow me on dA, new issues of Goblyn will still be posted there, the same as always. it's just here I will be posting all the supplemental material as well as the bi-weekly comic. if I could do it on dA i totally would. 
for now... i think i will call this home.

*runs off to fix up the site*