Apr 11, 2012

Inspirations: Beast Mode!

see those things above? yeah...
If i didn't make this post I knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it.
at least temporarily that is.
what am I talking about?

one of those weird relics from my childhood that has persisted in haunting me and at the same time inspiring me.
even tho it was only a part of said life briefly.

I just caught myself singing the theme song used in the commercial.
it's not the first time, and that got my gears turning.
after some time thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that this is definitely one of the core inspirations for Munch Chunky.

I'll be honest. as a kid i had no idea what the story was with these things. I just knew, they were animals that wore mech armor and had weapons and elemental powers. 
what explanation more does a kid need?!

ultimately there's nothing super special about the Battle Beasts it's a pretty straight forward rock, paper, scissors, kind of deal. 
the thing i found most interesting while looking them up, was that they were originally a part of the Transfomers universe.
i know right!

but when Hasbro brought them to the states from Japan, they cut all relations to the robots in disguise.
I'm okay with that. it would have just confused me as a kid anyway.
my entire obsession with these silly little toys is all based on the commercials.
the brief action packed animation segments in them ignited my imagination back then, and apparently this concept of animals getting all decked out in mech armor and running around with weapons and elemental abilities really stuck with me.

I'm not embarrassed, I mean it's at the heart of Munch Chunky about as much as a lot of stuff I grew up with.
that's the way it works right?
the cycle of inspiration keeps going.

alright... next post. about me making comics, LIVE.

btw... here are some links to BB related stuffs if you're even slightly interested.