Apr 19, 2012

issue 2a back on track.

So after quite an uphill battle finishing the kickstarter video for my other comic Goblyn, I'm back on track and nearly finished colouring the pages for issue 2a of Munch Chunky.

I've been broadcasting on my livestream while i colour the pages. every day from 8am to about 4pm EST
I decided this is what I'll do with Munch Chunky from now on, as an effort to not always be in my cave like the bearded hermit I am. and just cause I thought it might be fun for you.
I'll answer questions if anyone actually shows up.
but considering the time frame. I'm not sure if anyone ever will.
oh well. still gonna' do it! XD

Watch live streaming video from smars at livestream.com

you'll get spoilers if you care about that sort of thing, but I'm only colouring right now... not lettering.
that comes last, and I will probably stream that as well. or part of it at least.

I'm loving getting to draw all these animals. I love how strange and diverse the animal kingdom is.
you can really find some weird animals out there.
and while I tend to not stray too far from the core animals people are all familiar with.
I do have plans to get pretty exotic once Bojo and the gang get their adventure underway.

well, I hope that more people will come to like MC and the characters, I know it's still in it's proving ground stages, but I have very big plans for it and I hope you'll stick around for all of them.
as soon as I get everything set up behind the stage, I'll be adding and updating a World Databook section, about all the characters and such to the world of MC.

for now, i should go and pencil the last pages of this issue before I get too tired.