Apr 7, 2012

Song and Dance

I think I've mentioned before that I don't like to listen to music while drawing, except for classical. and light classical at that. When I do the roughs of the pages I draw as well as write dialog. I don't use a script because I will often change dialog here and there as I'm going. I do this because I want the images to match the dialog as close as possible. I always hated reading comics and you could tell the artist didn't see a script with dialog, just a general outline of what's happening from page to page, because the characters actions, or facial expressions weren't matching the dialog. I can't live with that disconnect. 
The only time I do listen to non classical music is when I'm colouring pages. and lately with the battle building up between Jeph and the Gang and Unlimited 99 I've found a couple of soundtracks i thought fit the spirit of the battle the second I heard them.

it really started with one song Scorcher, from the Armored Core:for answer OST, and I can't get this song out of my head.

now listen to this song while going through the fight sequences... to me i think they match very well.
i think they do... a lot. It's the only song I hear now when I'm drawing these fight sequences. and maybe that's not entirely a bad thing since they are really making me happy with the way they're coming out.