Jan 1, 2009

Mineshift Captain

Mineshift Captain
 Debut: Issue 3
Ch. 3, The Worms Plight prt. 1
The Dunburrs Minesshift captain is an unnamed, inconsequential character in the Goblyn series, who runs the Mine workers hiring camp located at the main gates of Dunburss.

He is an old man possibly in his late 60s, with tanned skin, a slight hunch, short thinning gray hair, with a round head large hairy ears, and a long bulbous nose. He wears the traditional uniform of  the hiring camp a maroon vest, over grey long sleeve shirt and neck tie, with dark grey-brown trousers. He wearsa pair of glasses fitted with a magnifying loupe.
Due to his job he is an impatient old man, who is all about business.

The mineshift captain is one of the first people a person would meet when they enter Dunburss from its western side (considered its official entrance). He is the primary records keeper of all workers temporary or permanent in all of the Red clay mines. He carries one or sometimes several books in which he keeps a log of people who have signed up to work a shift in the mines, ttheir locations while waitng for their shift to start to which he is constantly updating along with his assitants. He is constantly moving and sending his assitants about the town and hiring camp to locate workers when their turn in the queue comes up. He is a very serious man who takes his job very seriously at all times. and has little time for games. A fact Jeph inadvertently learned when he first came to Dunburss.


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