Jul 30, 2012

Munch Chunky Mondays 00: A new thing starts

a new take on the Enoroo shop scene from the animated Munch Chunky

So, I'm going to start this thing here on the site, called Munch Chunky Mondays.
I'll be talking about news and updates about the different things that will be happening to me, the comic, and within the world of Munch Chunky.
I'll also be adding videos, each week. some of them I may be talking in, while others might just be speed art videos with music I composed like the one below.

beyond that... all I can say is. 
I'm working behind the scenes on the Munch Chunky Databook, 
and that should be launching next week, if all goes well.

that's all for now... see you soon and enjoy the video.