Jan 2, 2009


Borrotete (Bow-Row-Taw-Tay) 
 Debut: Issue 13
Ch. 13b,  Golden Runes
Borrotete are clockwork machines that are made to look like small animals.
The are Witchclocker technology, are very advanced, and versatile.
♦ Name: Borrotete   ♦ Type: clockwork   ♦ Class: animal
♦ Affiliation: Witchclockers, Hanneskidehn   

Borrotete are small domed, quadrupedic, animal styled, clockwork machines measuring 1.5 in. (3.81 cm) and weigh roughly 2.6 oz. (73.7088 g.) with the ability to become highly compact. They are equipped with a set of small ceramic, serrated, mandibles that allow them to cut through most surfaces with high accuracy and efficiency.
The four legs are segmented ceramic limbs, jointed into two parts which attach at a multi-rotational ball hinge. They have a large ocular receiver on the front of the carapace, which can also transmit images and sequential visual relays to predetermined locations.

There are at least two known types of Borrotete, which are visual represented by different colours.
Aqua/Green: Common long range transmitter/relay types, generally used when monitoring large areas. They can transmit visual relay signals at a radial distance of 50 ft. from the signal receiver. The Borrotete then create a network across an area, and bounce the signal from one another to the central receiver.

Crimson/Brown/Copper: Deflagration type, which are equipped with small explosive devices. The explosions are small in comparison to most explosives and are generally fatal to a person, but can not penetrate most thicknesses unless in a cluster formation. They have the same ocular visual reciever, but do not have the long range transmission capacity as the auqa/green type.

Borrotete are of Witchclocker construction. It is unclear how long ago the technology was developed, only that it is an older technology based around crystalline resonation.

Borrotete are very advanced and are equipped with high functionality, often acting like real animals allowing them to move about most sentient populations fairly unnoticed.

  •  Compaction - Borrotete have the ability to become completely compact, inverting all limbs and covering their ocular receiver with duel retractable lids. 

  •  Collective Serration - Borrotete work in a swarm technique in which they use their ceramic mandibles to accurately slice and dismantle any organic or inorganic matter. 

  • Incendiary - Deflagration type Borrotete use an internal explosive device.