Mar 17, 2013

Goblyn Issue 37b

i actually lost the first 19 pages of this issue.
the original art work i mean.
i started working on this issue back before i got sick,
but i've spent the entire week trying to find them so i can archive them
with all the other original pages. but they're just... gone.
did i leave them in a doctors office when i took my mum for her check up?
or did i eat them in my sleep due to my fever delirium? maybe we'll never know.

 finally getting to Ami's arc. another story that has changed about 3 or 4 times since i started the series.
it's funny how one day you can think an idea you have for a plot device is just the most awesomest thing
in the world and then a year or two later you realize it's totally the silliest thing ever.
don't get me wrong, i like silly and weird. but this would have been more confusing silly that fun silly
or even interesting silly.
how many more times can i type silly?
stop reading this, silly.