Jun 21, 2013


this was a longer video but i edited down as best i could while retaining the informative bits.
i'm not a pro... sorry about all the umm and uhh's I'm such a derpy dork XD

So, I'm gonna' give printing Goblyn in trade form a shot.
but I'm reaching out to the entire Goblyn Guild community to help get this thing made
by offering up commissions in order to raise the money for printing.
fun right? 

:bulletred: details about the printing project:
* total goal to get the trade printed is $25 (no kidding!)
* your commission (of any type/price) goes to the printing of the Goblyn trade paperback
* Book 1 will be, 150 pages full colour
* Kablam will print it for $16.62     (the final price will most likely be $4 dollars more ($20.62)
* the books will be completed 2 weeks after we reach the total goal of $25
* the book will be up and listed in the Indyplanet shop, to buy a copy and have it shipped to your super awesome door. 

:bulletyellow:  PROJECT GOAL: $25 
:bulletgreen:  TOTAL EARNED: $3.67    WOO!


:bulletgreen: COMMISSION DETAILS: click image to see full size chart


all commissions payable through
paypal, snail mail, or any form of payment system really
:bulletgreen: to order a comish, please send me a note or email me at goblyncomics@gmail.com
w/ your request info & any links for reference.
(i will reply with my proper info)
:bulletblue: all colour commissions include, a link to a zip pack with

:bulletblack: the comish at high quality 300, 200, & 100 res, printable jpeg, psd & png formats

:bulletblack: a speed art video of me colouring the work (w/ music of your choice added) :3
(if in colour/only applies to colour works)