Aug 18, 2013

change and evolution

so, I'm updating the website/blog.
instead of trying to maintain and govern three or more websites related to each individual comic book i work on or will be working on, I want everything to be found in one place. all the different series i do under one roof.
i know this whole change is probably very sudden, but i'm trying really hard to keep from being so absolutely stressed out while working to the level that i really want to. because i want to tell all theses stories, but if i'm in a million places scattered all over the internet, i'll just continue to fall apart.

the main navigation will change and look different, including all the currently running titles, each going to their sub pages which include the comics' archive, databooks, etc.

so yay... starting very soon if not the second i finish this post
Goblyn and Munch Chunky will be hosted in the same site, and soon will be joined by series Myth of Eustro and Nivadamandi and occasional one off stories i come up with.
all in all I just want one place for all my comics work so people aren't split into having to go a million places to read all the stuff i do.