Aug 29, 2013

Goblyn issue 42b preview

i'm sort of here and there with these previews. or are they considered teasers?
which ever.
i was actually very relaxed while working on a lot of this issue, i don't know what it was
what it is I guess i should say since i still have about 11 pages left to work on.
i realize with this issue i'm going to have to find a balance within the ongoing fight that Sevanoh and Nohni are involved in with the element eater, it's kind of a swirling den of baddies, but my poor hand can't handle drawing all the characters at the same time... all the time.
split them up?

i don't know, i still feel like you would see the other passing through the BG (background) of the other.
speaking of BG's i did a lot of BG creating in photoshop for the whole basement fighting scenario.
i mean the pattern on that floor required it of me. but there's hardly anything in that place at all
but a few banners on the walls... i'm going to have to make the next one fancier.
yeah you heard me... the next one.
for this one tho, i hope it looks okay, i tried to make it as less boring as i could, but the stage they're fighting on/in is just that... boring.
oh well.
we'll see what comes out of it in the end.