Sep 4, 2013

Munch Chunky RETURNS!

Munch Chunky will be returning next wednesday on the 11th!
I know it's been so long since the last issue came out that most of you maybe don't even care anymore about the fate of this series. (it's been four months now) But I want to give you a reason to come back and care about these silly little furry animals.

I'm turning the key to the engine again and revving the motor, but the vehicle has had some slight modifications to it's body. Vague i know...
basically Munch Chunky will start back up from Issue 3a with a new added 25 pages of content.
PLUS, every issue after it will get an additional 25 pages of added content until I catch back up to where the series left off originally.
The reason for adding new content?

I looked at the story and thought certain parts were missing. these parts were flashbacks I was going to have drawn by a friend of mine, but he can't do it at the moment or... ever it seems.
no names shall be named and no blames shall be blamed.
So, I plan to put the missing chunks back into the book proper, drawn by my own withered dry hands and just re-sculpt a few things as far as the way the story flows.
oh and there will also be an extra special added surprise.
but I you'll have to wait until the issue relaunches to find out.
nyi hihihihiiii

this will pretty much put the comics that had been previously published in a temporary disabled state, until the new content is added to that particular issue. just so the experience can be a little fresh again.
sorry for the inconvenience, I just want to make the story more enjoyable for you and everyone who decides to pick up this title.

i think the series lost a lot of momentum and potential to entertain without those parts attached to them originally, and I apologize for that. I'm a dolt.
I apologize for a lot of things when it come to this series.

I've looked at the last few issues and I am NOT happy with how they look. I was at the height of my anxiety attacks and stress plus my arm was really acting up along with my back, i was just a real mess and those pages show it.
I need to reinject some of the upbeat action and fun adventure into the series.
this is an upbeat tale of hope and friendship after all, and I haven't been writing it accordingly.
it's not supposed to be bleak, even when it gets a little heavy.
it's supposed to remain a little goofy and candy coated at the heart of it. I lost that i think... just a little.
so bare with me as I try to regain a bit of that balance and get this ship sailing upright again. starting with 3a (3a PLUS?) no no, that's just stupid sounding... 3a is fine.
well, see you here in seven days!
- live, love, and eat fruit!

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