Sep 13, 2013


I've been trying to get through the last pages of the 1st chapter of Myth of Eustro, and I felt like I needed to rework one of the characters colour palette. Cid.

I always planned for her to take off her cap from time to time, but I wanted to change her cape. I needed it to be less bulky and heavy looking and instead make it shorter and lighter looking in material so she would look faster and more like she could be out there on the plains of planet Ephon fighting monsters everyday. I mean... doesn't that cloak look really heavy? yah, it does,
She used to wear a striped scarf a long time ago... of course that's also when she was a male character, not a female character

Original Cid design. not a woman, elf, or cat.

but I hadn't been really happy with her colours this whole time. they were based on an older palette, a place I wasn't in any more mentally. (using dark colours) 
So I gave Cid back her scarf and started playing around within new colour schemes for her cloak. 
I figure either her clothing underneath will stay the same or I will just change it accordingly.
but since the cloak is what will be seen of her wearing mostly, I figure it should be my first priority.

after showing him the first set of colour choices I had come up with my friend LD asked why I was avoiding the colours purple, red, or white. I told him I was saving purple to be a colour mostly associated with royalty or nobility in this world. but I was avoiding red because I didn't want people to think about the character from Journey in any way.
but white was a thing I wouldn't have thought of because I was thinking realistically about her profession. running around in the wild grasslands fighting monsters and getting into all sorts of assorted mischief. hee hee
but I must admit... I kind of like the white outfit.
it not only contrasts the boldly coloured Romona, but it also makes her own character pop not just visually, but also as a direct contradiction to her character. I very personal, soft spoken woman, who tries not to garner too much attention. I would think walking into town in a white cloak would turn heads.

later LD came at me with a third colour set option, which was more matching to her hair and appropriate to her attitude.

as I'm typing this post I still haven't decided on which version I want to use, but in true D&D/RPG fashion I'm going to leave the choice up to the roll of the dice. it's as simple as that.