Jan 21, 2015

Goblyn Side Story 1

this story came to be, because my tablet's pen died and while I waited for a new one to be shipped to me, I decided to continue making comics... in black and white. 
so, I slapped the graphite to the paper and drew this side story.

I talk about it a wee bit more in my weekly vlog series Pat Ataq --> http://youtu.be/efc9KZ_SN8k
and I even show a video of the chaos my old pen was able to create, if you're interested in that kinda' stuff.

I really loved this story. 
I love showing Sharlon using Logik in a non combat way. 
it's an interesting life she has decided to take on. 

and Dommah and Sophie are just silly and inseparable friends in my mind. 
this is kind of a slice of life story in the Goblyn universe, 
which is an odd thing to say considering it's pretty much ALL a slice of life story 
in the context of their universe. but you know what I mean.