Jun 12, 2015

Goblyn Chapter 50 update

hmmmmmmm... art is weird. and making comics is weirder. the emotional and psychological ups and downs of it all, have me and interestingly enough a few other friends of mine in strange little tornadoes of unease. 

but having said that, for the survival of the series and to maintain the enjoyment for both yourself (if you read it) and me while drawing it, I've decided to make some changes to Goblyn. well, maybe one change. 
but I didn't make this decision lightly, I have spent almost a year thinking about it and weighing it and talking about it a little in other videos. But I explain it a bit more in this video honestly.
so, this is just a simple one page preview image that's actually a collage of several panels from multiple pages of chapter 50. but, I really wanted to share a bit of the progress of this chapter. I'm getting through it a LOT faster than I had expected with the... erm... "black and white" treatment of it.yeah, I'm sure you've noticed I just went full on sepia toned art. i love it though. maybe it pushes some weird idea of old timey photos into your mind and I'm okay with that because there's something about those kinds of photos I like and there's something about this work that is making me reeeeeally happy. the monochromatic nature of it. wait... is this monochromatic? mono is one right? but this is still one color. sssssorta'?
hrm... I TOTALLY know art y'all! 
seriously though, there's a "creaminess" to the way the colors look to me that I may or may not mention a couple of times in this weeks Pat Ataq (when I finish editing it.) I went with the sepia full on look because, well... I'm not sure how many people ever noticed, but I don't use black lines in my work. except for maybe chapter 1 & 2 but by 3; I started using the softer sepia line. I thought it complemented the colors better. it did, it does. 
I think...
I may have mentioned it somewhere in one of the absurdly long video commentaries for Goblyn I used to do (and tell myself I will return to doing.)
even though I'm working with multiple shade of sepia it's still less work than working with a full color palette and weeping over my tablet at only having four panels colored after three hours. with this I have most of the entire comic finished and it has so far only taken me two days.  yay! 
I think this was a good path to take y'all. I really do. 
well... I have to ask, just based on this brief image what do you think?