Nov 11, 2015

A.M.I.D.S. transmissions. it's a pawdcasss

A.M.I.D.S. is the Allied Museum Intern Disclosure Society, boosting our signal and getting out the truth to the world of Ephon about what's really going on behind the closed doors of the Grande Museum of the United Commonwealth. (GMUC)
hosted by Tibbsy...
* Tibbsy might be unfamiliar to you if you're not on the Nightmare Hunter tier, where I send out monthly monster sticker packs. He's a character I recently started role playing as, in the notes that go along with the packages. (the former and official director is away at the moment, so the interns are running the place.) But this should maybe catch you up and hopefully be fun.*
I'm treating this as a supplementary or complementary piece to the Myth of Eustro comics. the events in this transmission won't always directly reflect what's going on in Eustro, but they're definitely going on at the same time somewhere else in the world.  
I plan on doing these every week, mostly on Saturdays unless something weird happens in my life.