Dec 23, 2015

The End...

I've decided to close up shop at the sticker & postcard store I had set up.
no body ever bought anything from there, and not even people who bought stickers and postcards at my table at conventions.
I'm not sure why? maybe it's just less fun to buy them online than when standing in front of a table where they can hold them in their hand before buying them?

I have no clue if there was an actual disconnect or if no one really cared.
hard to say.

all I do know is, it costs me 20 bucks a month to maintain and I don't have 20 to spare.
my hope was that I could balance it out with monthly sales paying for the bigcartel hosting
buuuuut... that didn't happen.
at all.

I made one sale in two years. that's just sad.
thanks Nick. you're the best.

I even made the prices low enough that I thought they would be appealing.
maybe people thought the prices were reflective of the quality?
but not everything that's expensive is high or good quality.

oh well...

I'm not sure really why I posted this? maybe just in case someone asks where the site went in the future, I can point them to this post? I'm not sure who would ask though. no one literally cared that it existed.
just one of my many failures in these past few years.