Jul 18, 2016

daily arm up 71816 Eleven

Eleven (El) from the series Stranger Things. I saw n add for this series back in May and set a reminder to pop up on my tablet for the day the series premiered on netflix and it scared me when this message that said Stranger Things on the 15th showed up. it took me a minute to remember what I was trying to tell myself but I'm glad I did. I really liked this mini series, it's only 8 hour long episodes but I just marathon'd the heck out of them only taking a few hours in the night to sleep a bit and then i finished off the last three episodes haha.  it's not like it's a brilliant or unique show in terms of concept, but it was still good and has a lot of good characters and good actors. I'm not a fan of kid actors because they a lot of the time don't act like kids really do and you can tell an adult wrote their dialog and trained them because they behave... in a sort of alien way. but here the kids were pretty good about being kids. it's very Goonies like but with something else I can't quite put my finger on...E.T.? hm, maybe. what's another but more recent, odd thriller/horror/adventure/mystery movie with kids in it? Super 8? hrm...   Ultimately I love things like Akira and so I found myself drawn to this 100% and El is a perfectly tragic and broken hero. poor thing. 

I did think it interesting how she kept thinking she wasn't pretty and I couldn't figure out why that was. she had no one to compare herself to or any idealized person to draw a conclusion on what is or isn't "pretty" or why long or short hair would factor into that. maybe there was something cut? and then it's the boy who supplements her low self esteem and makes her feel good about herself. it's very male-sentric, which is something I consciously  work to not do when I write characters and build worlds. sure you can create realistic personalities because most of us are a little broken inside and it's part of what makes us unique, but every woman in this series has literal daddy issues. hoo boy... let's just not go down the rabbit hole of what might be going on in the minds of the Duffer brothers and what issues they may be working through. I'm going to check out some of the other films and series by them, I'm curious about the topics they choose to tackle and the playgrounds they run around in. it's a really good series that's juuuuust creepy enough and mysterious enough but doesn't hold out so long that you get bored. it seems to give you everything you want just as your brain thinks "okay, this should be happening by now."   okay... back to making comics.