Jan 1, 2009

Ahdmeer Mineshift assistant

 Debut: Issue 3
Ch. 3, The Worms Plight prt. 1
Ahdmeer the Dunburss Mineshift assistant is an inconsequential character in the Goblyn series. He works along side the Mineshift Captain with other assistants at the Mine workers hiring camp.

Ahdmeer, is a tall pasty young man with a tawny pompadour hair style. He has small dark grey eyes and a bulbous round nose. He wears the traditional uniform of  the hiring camp a maroon vest, over grey long sleeve shirt and neck tie, with dark grey-brown trousers which he tucks into a pair of tall boots. Unlike the captain Ahdmeer is very patient, but is also very detail oriented (a requirement of the job) His dream is to one day become the Mineshift captain himself, and so he works very hard at his job.

 Ahdmeer is one of several assistants to the Mineshift captain who travel all over Dunburss doing several tasks for the Captain, They may be locating someone who is next on the massive list of workers, or simply ordering lunch for the captain. One of the signs of a assistant is his waist belted tool pack, which contains several things including an extra ink pot and quill set for on the spot dictation of new arrivals wishing to be placed on the waiting list at the Mine workers camp, or medical bandages. Their packs also include small dense nutrient bars due to the busy nature of their job keeping them from having time to stop for meal periods.


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